Does This Leaked Photo Confirm Apple iPhone 8 Wireless Charging?

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A leaked image from Slashleaks appears to show some sort of charging coil for an iPhone or a device meant to be used with an iPhone. There have been rumors for a few months that Apple would be including wireless charging in the iPhone 8. Some rumors have even suggested the feature will be included but not unlocked until a future software update.

So, what does the leaked image tell us? Well, first of all, we can see the Lightning port on the board. This pretty much confirms that the component we’re looking at is meant for an iPhone. If it was for another smartphone we would likely see USB Type-C or maybe a Micro USB port. The coil that takes up much of the space on the component is almost assuredly meant to assist in the wireless charging process.

What we can’t tell, however, is what device this component will go into. Is this the wireless charging coil that’s meant to go into the iPhone 8 or is it the Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging dock? Based on the way the Lightning port seems to connect directly to the wireless charging coil, a lot of internet speculators seem to agree that this is likely a component meant for the wireless charging dock and not the iPhone itself. The iPhone 8 likely would have no reason to have the Lightning port connected to its wireless charging coil.

If this is the long-awaiting wireless charging dock for the iPhone 8, it would make sense that photos are beginning to leak. If Apple manages to deliver the iPhone 8 and it’s wireless charging dock on time; production will have to be kicking into high gear over the next few weeks. Of course, there have been suggestions that the Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging dock was going to be delayed due to production issues. If that is true then some analysts have speculated that Apple would enable the wireless charging feature at a later date. This makes some business sense for Apple. If their wireless charging docks aren’t ready to go for launch day then they wouldn’t want people turning to a third-party solution. If Apple is using the Qi wireless charging standard, there would be a variety of docks that would likely work with the iPhone 8. Of course, none of them have an Apple logo on them and none of them bring in the big bucks for the iPhone manufacturer.

Luckily, iPhone announcement date shouldn’t be too far away. Reports are saying that Apple is on schedule for their usual fall announcement and release. Although, the iPhone 8 may not be launched on the same day as the rumored iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. It’s also popular belief that the iPhone 8 will be the only model in Apple’s lineup to sport wireless charging. It remains to be seen if the Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging feature is enabled at launch and if there is a dock available on launch day as well. With the iPhone 8 rumored to cost $1,100 or more; it would be nice for the dock to be included in the retail price. Of course, that probably won’t happen but a man can dream.

What do you think? Is Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging a feature you’re looking forward to? Will the inclusion of the feature affect your buying decision this fall?

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