Apple iPhone 8 Launch Will Not Be Delayed, Enters Trial Production

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Various reports and analysts have hinted at a delay for the Apple iPhone 8 launch. However, a recent tweet from tipster Benjamin Geskin suggests that the phone will not be delayed.

Apple iPhone 8 launch not delayed

Geskin stated that trial production for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 has already begun.

“Zhengzhou Foxconn has started trial production of 3 new iPhone (7s,7s Plus, “8”) About 200 units per day. iPhone 8 is not delayed,” Geskin tweeted.

Digitimes also reported previously that there is no delay in iPhone 8 production and it will be launched in time. Just a few days ago, Forbes also claimed that it has the “final design” of the iPhone 8 from CAD files received from case designer Nodus.

Further, Forbes stated that the reports of Apple activating “Plan B” are irrational. According to Forbes, the iPhone will have a bezel-less design, 5.8-inch display and vertically-aligned rear-facing camera. The image posted by Forbes also showed that the power button of the iPhone 8 will be twice the size of the one on the iPhone 7.

What may cause a delay?

As of now, the Apple iPhone 8 launch date is believed to be sometime in September to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. However, several reports claim that the iPhone will not be available until the fourth quarter of this year.

Various reports have claimed that there have been manufacturing issues with the iPhone 8, specifically with the OLED display panels. The situation was reportedly so bad that there was even a rumor that the iPhone maker was struggling to get enough display panels in time for a September release. Software bugs are still another challenge that is said to be slowing down production of the iPhone.

Further, reports state that various features such as wireless charging and facial recognition may be not baked into the initial release and will be available only later with the iOS 11.1 software update, notes 9to5Mac.

It looks like those expecting a delay in the launch of the iPhone are greater in number than those who are optimistic about an on-time launch. For instance, analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company supports the claims that the production will be delayed because of alleged issues with the Touch ID sensor. Deutsche Bank states that the iPhone 8 will not arrive until 2018 due to supply chain issues and other “technical challenges.”

No impact on sales

As far as sales, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich believes that iPhone sales could experience a “bulge” in the coming year. In a note on Tuesday, Milunovich stated that sales will enter a “supercycle” phase due to a large number of current iPhone owners looking to upgrade. Without giving any sales forecast, the analyst stated that Apple will generate more revenue on services like movie downloads and apps.

Milunovich thinks that despite the high demand for the Apple iPhone 8, it will not be easy for consumers to get their hands on one during the initial launch. The analyst also believes a delay would not harm demand. Milunovich maintained his Buy rating on the stock.

As of now, nothing has been confirmed officially, but rumors of all kinds are abuzz, which is not a new thing when it comes to the iPhone. Nevertheless, it will be raining new smartphones later this year, with Google’s next Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which will be released on August 23.

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