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iPhone 7: How Will It Improve Upon The iPhone 6S?

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Apple will release the next generation iPhone 7 in 2016 with the intention of once again dominating the smartphone marketplace. Yet Apple has already predicted that for the first time since the iPhone was launched back in 2007 it will shift less iPhone units in 2016 than last year. Apple has been hugely successful in continually generating growth in what is its flagship device range, but the stagnation of the smartphone marketplace means that it may not achieve growth in the existing calendar year.

iPhone 7: How Will It Improve Upon The iPhone 6S?

So there will be an onus on Apple to produce something really outstanding when the iPhone 7 is released, as the consumer electronics giant attempts to secure the future of its smartphone range. Apple has underestimated sales related to its own devices in the past, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the iPhone 7 manages to achieve a small increase in device sales in 2016.

Thus, Apple may produce a more adventurous iPhone 7 than has been the case with recent smartphone releases. Although the iPhone is always an extremely competent and a slick device, recent releases have been criticized for being somewhat too unambitious. This hopefully will not be the case with the iPhone 7, as Apple has a clear incentive to attempt to produce a truly revolutionary handset that is a big step forward from the iPhone 6S.

iPhone 7 – Dual cameras

The first innovation that Apple could introduce with the iPhone 7 is the inclusion of dual cameras. The photographic capabilities of the iPhone 6S was quite adequate, but as Samsung has introduced its dual-pixel technology which enhances the shooting of its cameras in darker conditions, Apple will follow suit with a similar approach.


Reports have also indicated that another major innovation with the iPhone 7 will be the ability of the smartphone to diagnose and identify its own problems. It is even suggested that the smartphone will be able to fix its own difficulties, eliminating dead pixels, water trapped in speakers, and many other problems besides. This would be an excellent service to consumers if it is delivered, and a definite improvement over the iPhone 6S.


In line with the self-healing capabilities of the iPhone 7, it is also suggested that the device will be made significantly more waterproof and dustproof than previous previous iterations of the series. In essence, Apple intends to produce a smartphone that is significantly more robust than last year’s iPhone 6S.

This will mean that the smartphone is more readily usable in rainy conditions, but also that it will be more convenient to utilize went swimming. It is expected that Apple will place more of an emphasis on the health-tracking functionality of its products in 2016, with a new version of the Apple Watch 2 particular expected to emphasize this. This feature would this fit in with this ethos.

Wireless headphones

It has been repeatedly reported that the iPhone 7 and will eliminate the traditional headphone jack, replacing it with wireless headphones that make more of the Beats acquisition that Apple made recently. Apple also included an excellent speaker system in the iPad Pro, and will attempt to enhance the general music-playing abilities of its device range in the remainder of 2016.

Display increase

The iPhone 7 will receive an increase in screen resolution in comparison to the previous generation of the smartphone, with analysts widely believing that this will be the first full HD smartphone from Apple, coupled with a quad HD phablet.

Curved screen / edge-to-edge display

It is possible that Apple will contemplate including a curved screen version of the iPhone 7 in the iPhone range in 2016, as the corporation has already applied for a patent for this technology popularized by Samsung. An edge-to-edge display could also be included in the smartphone, as Apple wrestles with its perennial desire to slim down the iPhone unit while retaining the existing screen size.

Camera upgrade

Aside from the dual cameras which have been linked with the iPhone 7, it is also suggested that the California-based company could increase the megapixel rating of the snapper. This would lead to a situation where the Apple flagship has a more powerful and spec-heavy camera than the Samsung Galaxy series; something that would have been unimaginable until recently.

Bigger battery

If Apple has received one persistent criticism with the iPhone, it is that the battery life of the unit can be somewhat unsatisfactory. With this in mind, it is expected that Apple will include a larger cell in the iPhone 7, ensuring that the battery life is significantly improved over the existing iPhone 6S. This will probably apply to both the smartphone-sized version of the iPhone 7, and also the proposed two phablet models.

USB Type-C

Another possibility with the iPhone 7 is that Apple could upgrade the USB technology included in the handset. USB Type-C offers increased flexibility to consumers, and is considered a state of the art innovation. Apple should implement this technology in the iPhone 7; there is simply no reason for the corporation not to do so, other than laziness and neglect.

Storage increase

It has been widely suggested that the iPhone 7 will feature the first ever 256GB model in the history of the iPhone. This would mean that the premium version of the iPhone 7 would offer double the storage of the iPhone 6S from last year. This could be considered essential if Apple indeed intends to increase the screen resolution of the iPhone 7, and there is an increasing premium on storage in general which means that it would be a sensible move for the consumer electronics giant.

Price slash

Could Apple consider reducing the price of the iPhone 7 in comparison to last year’s iPhone 6S? It is certainly something that the Cupertino-based company should consider seriously, particularly as its own estimates indicate that it will suffer a slight decrease in sales in 2016. There have already been reports suggesting that Samsung will actually reduce the price of the competing Galaxy Note 6 phablet, so Apple could decided to follow suit and produce a marginally more affordable iPhone 7 later this year.

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