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Breaking news suggests that Apple will unveil the next generation iPhone 7 on September 9. According to BuzzFeed sources close to the Apple supply chain, the consumer electronics giant has already pencilled in a reveal event for September 9, with the release of the device to follow shortly afterwards.

This suggests that the Apple iPhone 7 will be made available on the market on an approximate date of September 18, based on previous iPhone release schedules.

iPhone 7 debate

There is still some debate regarding whether the next generation Apple handset will indeed be called the iPhone 7 when it is released. Some sources are still claiming that the iPhone 6s is a more likely monicker for this forthcoming smartphone. Analysts seem extremely divided on this topic, with some suggesting that it would be a viable marketing move to opt for iPhone 7, with others opining that the plans Apple has in place for this handset represent more of an upgrade than a revolution in the iPhone concept.

With iPhone fans eagerly awaiting the release of this device, numerous details have emerged regarding what we can expect from the iPhone 7 when it is released. One of the most notable aspects of the smartphone is that Apple will introduce a rose gold option when the phone hits the stores. Other sources have indicated that Apple is considering a pink iPhone 7 to be released alongside color options that will be retained from the previous iPhone 6 iteration.

The Apple Watch introduced the concept of massive consumer choice when it was released back in April, and although it would be impractical for the iPhone to deliver the same volume of choice, it is thought that Apple will increasingly move toward this ethos with the smartphone series. The Apple Watch features as many as 38 strap, size and case configurations, and Apple is expected to offer an increasingly wide consumer choice with the iPhone range in the foreseeable future.

Central to this will be a smaller version of the iPhone 7, that pundits have dubbed the iPhone 7c. This 4-inch version of the smartphone is intended to be an affordable option for the mass market, and is expected to be particularly popular in the East Asian marketplace. Recent research has indicated that Apple is now shifting more iPhone units in the world’s most populous nation than in the United States, and although there is some disagreement on this statistic, it is crystal clear that China is already a central marketplace for Apple.

iPhone 7 to boost Apple share price

The iPhone 7 release will be incredibly important for Apple in this regard, as there has already been scepticism from investors and analysts that Apple can continue to grow earnings in the future, and this has centred around China in particular. Fundamental issues in the Chinese economy have led investors to believe that Apple’s growth in China is not sustainable over the longer-term.

This has been demonstrably reflected in the share price of Apple that has fallen significantly in recent weeks, on the back of sub-par Apple Watch sales.


Over $70 million has been wiped off the market value of Apple in a matter of weeks; hardly the sort of occurrence that is likely to please the Apple hierarchy. But many believe that Apple has the potential to bounce back in the coming months, and there is no doubt that the iPhone 7 will be absolutely central to this process.

With this in mind, it will be interesting to see what specs Apple offers in its flagship handset. It is largely expected that the iPhone 7 will be similar in physical construction to the last generation of the smartphone, and that it will also feature the same screen sizes. This points to a 4.7-inch smartphone-sized version of the iPhone 7, accompanied by a 5.5-inch model deemed to be a phablet.

Although alteration in screen sizes is not expected, there is a general belief that Apple will significantly increase the screen resolution included in the device. The general consensus is that the smartphone version of the iPhone 7 will be upgraded to full HD, while we could see a quad HD tablet. This would be an exciting prospect for Apple fans, as it would put the iPhone 7 Plus in line with existing Samsung devices; a rival that Apple has lagged behind somewhat in the screen resolution department in recent years.

iPhone 7 to feature camera improvements

It is also expected that the iPhone 7 will feature a significantly improved camera. Apple is generally loathe to improve the camera specifications in its smartphones on a regular basis, so when camera units are upgraded it is a significant innovation. Early gossip regarding the iPhone 7 suggested that Apple could be contemplating something truly revolutionary. These rumours pointed to a professional quality DSLR snapper, or even a unique periscope design.

However, the buzz on these two particular suggestions has died down somewhat, although it is still considered that Apple is working on these innovations internally with the intention of introducing then in future devices. But the iPhone 7 is still expected to improve its photographic capabilities significantly over the iPhone 6. Legendary analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has led suggestions that Apple will increase the megapixel rating in the iPhone 7 to 12-megapixels, which would represent a hefty 50 percent improvement over the previous iteration of the smartphone.

Other expected specs include an A9 chip, a doubling of the internal RAM to 2 GB, wireless charging support, and a new base model of the handset with 32 GB of internal storage.

Aside from the iPhone 7, there are also suggestions from BuzzFeed that Apple will launch the next generation iPad range at its September 9 events. No further details were given on this particular subject, but Apple fans will be anticipating the inclusion of the iPad Pro in this morsel of news. Again, suggestions that Apple will release this long anticipated 12.9-inch tablet during this calendar year have died down, with a refresh of the iPad Air and iPod Mini devices perhaps more likely.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what Apple has in store at these critical events as the company attempts to get its stock price back on track.

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