iPhone 7: What Will It Look Like? [CONCEPTS]

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Wherever you go on the web at the moment, you’re sure to come across someone talking about the iPhone 7. As far as I know, Apple have not gone as far as confirming it’s possible existence yet, but hoards of people all over the World have been whipped up into a fury of speculation. This speculation centres around what processor it will have, how much RAM, will it have a better camera and battery life the list could go on and on!

iPhone 7 Concept Design Round up

In this article I am going to focus on how the iPhone 7 will look, but more specifically how others think it will look. A s I mentioned earlier there are rumors everywhere online and usually where there is a rumor you can bet your last Dollar on there being a iPhone 7 concept image. So let’s have a look at what’s creative designers from all over the world are thinking /hoping for with Apples next smartphone.

iPhone 7 with iOS 10

iPhone 7: What Will It Look Like? [CONCEPTS]

I found this first iPhone 7 concept design over at iPhone Tricks, it has what I hope will be the final design, an edge-to-edge display, so no bezel! It looks as though the designer of this concept sees the handset running on iOS 10 as it clearly envisions this new OS to have larger app icons when compared to the likes of Android. It also looks as if the home button on this iPhone 7 design, has the home button within the screen, if that is the case, then it falls into line with some rumors I wrote about earlier in the week.

Ceramic Back

Recent rumors that I have come across like this one from Business Korea claim that the iPhone 7 could have a ceramic back similar to the one found on the One Plus X handset. If Apple provides this it would be one small step into making the iPhone take control of its own destiny again!

For the Minimalist

This concept iPhone 7 design, is from Yasser Farahi the World renowned designer, as you can see from the image he really knows how to create a beautiful looking minimalist design. I personally would love to own an iPhone that looks like this. If anyone from Apple with the power is reading this, the “wine” and “copper” variations in this image look immaculate. Click the link in the designers name to go to his site and take a more in-depth look at his designs, they will amaze you!

4K Display and WatchOS iCons

This next design is from Marek Wiedlich who is a student in design. In this ultra modern vision of the iPhone 7 it is clear that he has taken some inspiration from the WatchOS. I also think that maybe he was hoping for a 4K display as the edge-to-edge screen on this concept looks to have an extremely high resolution. Maybe it’s somewhere in the region of 500ppi, well I hope so anyway.

iPhone 7 Edge

Can you see an uncanny resemblance to another line of incredibly popular handsets? With this iPhone 7 concept Hasan Kaymak envisions Apple taking the lead from Samsung and incorporating an edge notification area. Hence the iPhone 7 “Edge” name he gave to it. As you can see from the image again there are no side bezels present, it looks as though we’re starting to come across a consensus where design is concerned.

Dual Camera Lenses

In this image found on the Macrumors website KGI Securites analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that this shows the dual camera lens on what could be an iPhone 7 Plus. However there is even less talk about that handset than the one I’m writing about here. And what may be the standard iPhone 7 has also been rumoured to feature a dual camera lens. So as you can see, what the truth is no-one knows at this stage.

Looks Like an Xperia

Green…Hmm! Personally I don’t like the color here, but hey maybe you do it’s a primary color and I know lots of people do like them. As for me I’m more interested in the actual design, which was created by Sahanan Yogarasa. This would make the iPhone 7 look more like a Sony Xperia handset in my opinion and it also looks super thin. Maybe just maybe with this design we may see the return of iPhone bendgate!

Credit: Sahanan Yogarasa

Final Thoughts

What was your favourite iPhone 7 concept design, mine was the one created by Yasser Farahi. I liked its minimalist design and the color options. I suppose you’re thinking “Will the iPhone look anything like the concepts above?” well your guess is as good as mine. However there are a number of features among the designs that I would not mind seeing on it.

Imagine the next iPhone with a minimalist design, 4K display, ceramic back and a super thin, but flexible design running on iOS 10 would that make you buy one?

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