Apple Inc. iPhone 6 To Come With Faster LTE Advanced Modem [REPORT]

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The latest Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 rumor claims the device will come with a speedier modem. A recent post from Geek Bar claims the phone will feature the LTE Advanced modem.

iPhone 6 to get a speed boost

This new modem boasts speeds by 50 megabits instead of the 100-Mbps speeds on the iPhone 5S. Given Apple’s history, this rumor could be a real possibility. The tech giant previously opted to use older and readily available chips in their smartphones. That said, there are a few questions regarding the report. GeekBar mixed up DRAM and traditional RAM. In the same post a document that claimed the upcoming iPhone will feature a near-field communication was shown. This technology was never adopted by Apple despite the numerous rumors.

All in all, it would make a lot of sense if Apple chose a slightly older chip with LTE Advanced support, especially considering most carriers around the world haven’t yet offered support for that specification. With newer technology for Category 6 LTE chips from vendors such as Qualcomm which are currently capable of 300-Mbps download speeds however support for that technology is even harder to find.

A closer look at possible technology

The third-generation Gobi chipsets from Qualcomm use a 28- nanometer manufacturing process which enables it to improve process and power consumption compared to other previous-generation chips, most notably chips from iPhone 5S. Apple is rumored to hold a big event for the media on September 9th where it’s rumored to launch the highly anticipated iPhone 6. The phone will subsequently be available in stores on September 19th.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to come in two sizes including a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch version. The latter model may be delayed because of production issues. The upcoming iPhone 6 brings a lot of anticipation as fans are hoping for a larger phone to compete with Android titan Samsung and HTC.

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