Apple Inc. Permitted To Sell iPhone 6 In Thailand

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Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL recently received the okay from Thailand’s government to sell two iPhone 6 models. The Secretary General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission in Thailand officially announced this earlier this week.

iPhone 6 to debut soon

Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL initially filed the import application earlier this month, then sent a written approval notice on August 8th. The latter included two iPhones with model numbers A1586 and A1524. Although government regulations state approvals must be announced publicly, details regarding the new phones remain under wraps.

It has been long reported Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL will unveil at least one of the new iPhone 6 models early next month during a press event. This includes a 4.7 inch version and a 5.5 inch version. The latter model is rumored to debut later on this year.

The fact the application approval took over a month to before the iPhone’s predicted debut may mean Apple is prepping to launch the phones in a lot of countries during the initial launch wave.

Apple preps for HealthKit

To prepare for the big iOS 8 and iPhone 6, third parties are getting things ready for the HealthKit.  MayoClinic is testing out a service that alerts users when other Apple apps detect abnormal health results. It also helps users schedule follow-up visits. Kaiser Permanete and Cleveland Clinic are also testing similar apps. Kaiser reportedly even wants to partner with Apple.

Apple’s HealthKit was first introduced during the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It’s a useful tool that allows users to monitor heart rate, check the number of calories burned, check cholesterol, and blood sugar. HealthKit also makes it easy for developers to access user data but it also allows users to choose the data they want to share. The whole purpose behind HealthKit is to simplify fitness and health for everyone.

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