Apple Inc. (AAPL) To Unveil iPad Mini At October 23rd Event [REPORT]

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For people who are doubting the debut of a smaller iPad this fall, and others who feel that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might have postponed the plans, due to production delays, here is the news; Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might unveil the so-called “iPad mini” on Oct. 23 at an invitation-only event.

A special thing about this date is it’s a Tuesday, not a Wednesday, so a bit of a break with recent tradition, and also it is just three days before the street date for Microsoft’s Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) new Surface tablet.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) To Unveil iPad Mini At October 23rd Event [REPORT]

According to a report from AllThingsD, the iPhone maker may unveil its new 7.85-inch tablet at an invite-only event at the company’s Town Hall Auditorium. About the other information on the event, the report said “Well, details are slim. Sources say the iPad’s diminutive sibling will feature a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display and a Lightning connector. It will also probably be thinner. And that’s about it”.

AllThingsD has been correctly predicting the Apple events in the past. It was correct on the date of the launch of iPad 2 on March 2nd, 2011, and it also accurately predicted when the company would unveil its new iPad this year.

The iPhone maker is assumed to have ordered the production of over 10 million units of the device, during the fourth quarter of 2012. The iPad mini will give tough competition to the Android tablets. Many other big names have already lined up their new devices in response to the huge demand. Google released the Nexus 7 earlier this year, and Amazon has already announced its upcoming tablets, including an updated 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet, and a larger 8.9-inch version.

Earlier this month, a report from Fortune claimed that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) would be sending the invitations for iPad mini on October 10, with the event on 17th of the same month, and devices would start selling from November 2nd. October 10th passed without any invitations in the site, so realizing the same, Fortune issued a mea culpa, saying, “My source was a major Apple investor who had heard it from three different sources. They were wrong about the timing,” reporter Philip Elmer-Dewitt wrote. “I was wrong to pass the tip along. I don’t know what I was doing in the rumor business in the first place. Mea culpa”.

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