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Apple Gifts WWDC Visitors Jackets Featuring San Francisco Font

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Apple provided the attendees of its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) with a windbreaker-style swag jacket that features Apple Watch’s San-Francisco font, along with a reference to the company’s newly launched Swift language. Moreover, these jackets are similar in style to the fog-resistant polyester-spandex jackets that were given out at WWDC 2014, says a report from Apple Insider.

Few changes from last year

Although not much different than last year, the windbreaker is missing an Apple logo that was present on the last year’s jackets and mentions “WWDC 2015” on the front side. There is also a big “15” written on the back side of the jacket. Contrary to the open pockets in the last year’s jackets, the WWDC 2015 jackets exhibit invisible zippers for their front pockets.

Apple also added a garment tag to the jacket, which specifies the size and a “Made in the USA” note written in Swift language that was announced in the last year’s conference. More precisely, the tag quotes, ‘let jacketSize = “Medium”’ and “// Made in the USA,” preceded by numbered lines and colored coded text, according to Swift’s conventions for assigning variables and adding code comments, recognizable by Apple’s X code developers, says the report.

Apple Music almost confirmed

Though the jacket, being fleece lined and lightweight, might seem a bit odd during June in California, San Francisco is notoriously famous for its June Gloom, during which the temperatures can go down to winter levels once the sun has set.

A number of visitors have already been seen queuing up at the Moscone West Convention Center for the conference. According to the registration staff, people who are in by 5:00 AM can expect a good seat. Meanwhile, the staff also claimed that the company is planning to provide seats to all attendees at this year’s conference. Other interested parties can watch the conference on live television, online or on Apple TV.

Separately, as a part of the upcoming products presentation, the company is expected to reveal its music streaming service Apple Music in this year’s WWDC keynote address, according to Sony Music CEO Doug Morris. The CEO also claimed that Apple Music will have a ‘halo effect’ on the streaming industry. In a related note, most experts believe that the iPhone maker’s new Spotify-like music service will replace the existing iTunes platform.

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