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Apple Displays iPhone 5 Creation Process And Shows Innovative Design

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Apple Displays iPhone 5 Creation Process And Shows Innovative Design

After intense criticism from nay-saying technocrats and other people, who have consistently criticized Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) of failing to invent their own products, but rather focusing on inventions by competitors, whereby the tech giant is said to remold its devices; the company has laid out in the open, the invention behind iPhone 5 design and performance.

The tech giant, which has just come up with a thinner, lighter iPhone 5, as compared to predecessor iPhone 4s, has reduced the thickness of the new device by an overwhelming 1.7 mm, or 18% of the size of iPhone 4s. A clear comparison is illustrated in the images below, courtesy of Apple Insider.

Recently, Apple was involved in patent lawsuits with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, in regard to the rounded rectangualr corners. Apple as expected, emerged victorious, pocketing over $1 billion. In the company’s website, a statement read, “If the technology didn’t exist, we invented it,” the  site says. “If a component wasn’t small enough, we re-imagined it. If convention was standing in the way, we left it behind. The result is iPhone 5: the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever.”

The new iPhone weighs just 112 grams, as compared to its predecessor at 140 grams, and the company also hailed its choice for a screen size of 4″, as compared to what now appears to be becoming more popular, that is 5″ screens, saying, “its not just the size, its right.”

Additionally, the statement on the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) website sought to elaborate this further, saying, “anyone can make a larger smartphone display. But if you go large for large’s sake, you end up with a phone that feels oversize, awkward, and hard to use.” The mac and iPhone maker further claimed that there is not much change as to what you could do with one hand in the iPhone 5, as compared to iPhone 4s.

iPhone 5 has been slimmed to 7.6mm thin, this was not a task that could be implemented by focusing on one component alone, the company’s site read that the engineers had to focus on each and every component, including the “micro SIM”, which had to be slimmed by 44%, thereby creating “a nano SIM.”

The report also revealed that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had actually, thought of coming up with a virtual programmable software SIM, which, to the company’s disappointment, was overly rejected by the carriers.  Consequently, Apple resolved to come up with the nano SIM, to be offered royalty free, which elicited complaints from Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK), Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE:MSI, and Research in Motion Ltd “RIM” (NASDAQ:RIMM) (TSE:RIM).

The report notes that the tussle with Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) extended until June, when the European Telecommunications Standards opted for Apple’s design over its rivals proposals.

The LTE data transmission and the CDMA voice have been fitted within the same chip, as compared to the popular dual chip design, which the competitors have largely promoted over the last 12 months. This, the company noted, helped in coming up with the smaller iPhone, while at the same time ensuring that the iPhone’s battery life stretches to 8 hours of LTE browsing.

Additionally, the phone supports 4G LTE, as compared to the current 40Mbps supplied by U.S LTE carriers. Additionally, in case a carrier does not support LTE, the iPhone 5 also supports dual channel HSDPA, to a speed of 42Mbps, which is still way up, compared to what is regarded as fast cable internet services. The phone has also replaced the 30-pin dock with the new 9-pin dock, which is ideally 80% smaller.

The image above is a clear indication of the thorough process the company took in manufacturing the new iPhone. The image shows 29MP robots polishing mirrored chamfers with diamonds.

A statement on the company website read, “look at iPhone 5 and you can’t help but notice the exquisite chamfer surrounding the display,” boasting over the new device. “A crystalline diamond cuts this beveled edge. It’s what gives iPhone 5 its distinctive lines. Fitting for a phone so brilliant,” concluded the statement.

The company went on to express that every iPhone, all the way from iPhone 3Gs, is free of brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Additionally, the materials (aluminium and glass) used in the new iPhone are recyclable, connoting, “inlays along the top and bottom made of ceramic glass (on the white and silver model) or pigmented glass (on the black and slate model).”

Additionally, the new iPhone 5, has gone through several tests, according to the company, which stated they go, “so far as to disassemble our products into individual components and materials in our Cupertino lab. Then we test them using many methods, including X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and ion chromatography. We do this to ensure that every product we release meets our environmental standards.”

This more or less sums up the invention and creativity behind the making of iPhone 5, it is quite a process, and indeed, a thorough one. No wonder, the resultant product stands out from the rest in the market. There is quality, durability, performance, design, sleekness, portability, and usability, all in one place. In truth, the iPhone 5 is quite an achievement.



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