Apple Devices Trumps Android In Online Shopping Presence

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Apple devices running oniOS were the preferred choice of most buyers during the busiest shopping period of the year, says a report from Apple Insider. The majority of the users turned to Apple hardware for browsing and purchasing, with iPhones and iPads accounting for a major share of the mobile devices tracked through online retailers.

Apple much more popular than Android

According to new data from Adobe, Apple products accounted for nearly 75% of online sales on mobile devices on Black Friday. In 2014, mobile device sales contributed 27% to online revenue, and this metric rose to 33.2% this year. Purchases from Apple devices outpaced those made on Android devices by a margin of nearly three to one.

On Black Friday, purchases made through Apple’s iPhones and iPads amounted to $670 million, of which a major share came from the iPhone at $368 million. The other $302 million came from the iPad. Mobile purchases made through Android tablets and phones accounted for sales worth $230 million.

Adobe uses its Marketing Cloud to track online retailers. The tool helps in tracking 80% of online transactions at the top 100 U.S. retailers. Adobe’s findings are in line with the findings of Custora’s E-Commerce Pulse, which credited Apple’s iOS with 79% of U.S. mobile online shopping over Thanksgiving. In contrast, Android-based buyers accounted for merely 21.5% of online orders.

Rising clout of mobile devices

Adobe also found that mobile devices contributed a massive 32% to online sales on Cyber Monday. The company is expecting Cyber Monday sales to generate $3 billion in revenue. It tracked sales worth $500 million by 10 a.m. Eastern, including $156 million from mobile devices. A major share or 53% of all visits to shopping websites on Cyber Monday morning came from mobile devices, according to Adobe.

Adobe also noticed growth of 25% on a YoY basis in social media buzz around Black Friday. Amazon was mentioned more than half a million times — double that of Target and Walmart combined. Cyber Monday was mentioned more than 150,000 times on social media by mid-morning.

Samsung 4K TVs, the iPad Air 2, the Xbox One, the iPad mini, and the PlayStation 4 were the most popular electronic devices this year. For the period between Thanksgiving and Sunday, overall online sales $8.03 billion, up 17% from 2014, said Adobe.

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