Apple Could Introduce New MacBook Air For $799

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Apple Could Introduce New MacBook Air For $799


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)  may introduce a more affordable version of the MacBook later on this year. Rumor has it that the company may launch their version of an ultrabook, a thinner and more compact version of their popular laptop. Even better? This computer could retail for as low as $799.

It is a little surprising that Apple still creates MacBooks given the high demand their iPad tablet computers and iPhones. Many people also speculate that one day personal computers and laptops will go the way of the typewriter.

The current MacBook Air retails for $999, it measure 11.6 inches and features 1.6GHz Intel Core processor,2GB memory, and 64GB of storage. Most ultrabooks have not caught on as a hot ticket item but Apple could change that if they launch the product.

People are already predicting that an Apple ultrabook could take away sales from next generation ultrabooks and lite laptops. It’s still a little too early to make such an assumption about a computer that has yet to be confirmed.

The most current ultrabooks on the market are nothing more than ordinary computers that were redesigned to appear more appealing. According to CNET, Intel (the maker behind ultrabooks) has been working hard to sell these computers. Just last year, they created a special $300 million fund for hardware and an additional $100 million to invest in developers.

I think creating any new product is a risk itself but in Apple’s case that could be a very good risk, especially given the success from their most current products.  People love Apple and the brand pretty much sells itself.  If this rumor turns out to be true, the only thing I would question is this: why create a lowered-priced laptop when you’ve already got a tablet that sells? Would that potentially take sales away from the iPad or would a lower-priced laptop be a wasted effort?

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