Another Display Flaw In Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge is a gorgeous piece of technology, but its good looks cannot hide the fact that it contains several flaws. The Galaxy S6 has reportedly suffered screen problems, inconsistencies in its RAM performance and issues with its accelerometer, and now another flaw has been discovered.

Screen issues only fixed by rebooting device

SamMobile reports that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been behaving very strangely. The website claims to have noticed that the screen occasionally enters an “8-bit color mode of sorts,” which no one has found an explanation for as of yet.

“Basically, everything on the screen starts looking like a watercolor painting,” according to SamMobile. “It has only happened twice in around two weeks, and I’m not sure if it’s something that has affected other users’ devices as well.”

So far it appears that the only way to fix the issue is to reboot the device. The good news is that the Galaxy S6’s performance does not seem to be affected by the flaw, with SamMobile claiming that the Galaxy S6 edge operates as usual even though the colors on the display change.

Samsung dealing with other flaws in Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung has so far not addressed any potential issue with the display of its Galaxy S6 edge, which does not appear to be affecting a large number of users. If the problem does become more widespread, we are sure to hear about it on user forums and the company will have to act quickly in order to prevent the problem from becoming a public relations issue.

Samsung has unofficially promised to fix the RAM issue, which has led to apps crashing more frequently than expected on the Galaxy S6. A flagship smartphone should not suffer such problems, and users have come to expect better performance after paying a hefty sum for high-end smartphones. The company has promised to fix the problem in an imminent round of updates.

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