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Android O Release Date Could Be Sooner Rather Than Later

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Everyone with an Android device has been patiently waiting for Android O to launch. A recent Tweet from David Ruddock speculates that the Android O release date could be as early as next week – probably around August 9th or 10th. He does add that it’s possible the release date could be pushed. It seems strange that Android O would have such a tentative release date with, allegedly, only a week or so to go. Still, having a potential Android O release date is exciting if you’re an Android user eagerly awaiting the newest features packed into Android O.

Of course, even if Android O does get fully released next week, a lot of Android users won’t get to experience the new build until their smartphone manufacturer pushes out an update. Pixel and Nexus owners, however, should be able to enjoy Android O right away. So, what is everyone so excited about? Here are some of the most anticipated new features in Android O:

Revamped Settings App

The settings app has been redesigned and reorganized to help make navigating through the settings options more easy and intuitive. The side navigation menu that was just introduced in Nougat will be gone. RIP 2016-2017.

Snooze Notifications

This is probably the feature I will put to use the most once the Android O release date arrives. If you’re like me, you will often get a text or notification while you’re doing something else and swipe it aside only to forget about it. The snooze feature will allow you to swipe to the right and reveal an option to snooze the notification for 15 minutes. After the timer is done, the notification will pop up again so you don’t completely forget about it.

Tune The Navigation Bar

In Android O you will be able to change your navigation bar at the bottom of your device. You can even change the on-screen navigation buttons or tune their layout to fit your personal preferences. You will also be able to add extra buttons like a clipboard button or keyboard changer. This level of customization is awesome and one of the main reasons while people choose Android over iOS so it’s nice to see Google taking things to the next level with Android O.

Lock Screen Shortcuts

I think I’m going to be a big fan of this feature. In Android O you will be able to customize the shortcuts that appear in the bottom right corners of your lock screen. Any installed app can be added as a shortcut. For me, I will be replacing my camera shortcut with something I use way more often – like Spotify. Again, this level of customization is why many people are Android fans and these small details can make the OS much more enjoyable.

Notification Channels

Apps will now be able to create different channels for the notifications they offer. Users can then choose which notifications they want to see. For example, if you have a news app on your device, you could choose to receive notifications for sports updates and ignore political updates – because we all get enough of that these days anyway.

Picture in Picture

Another great feature to look forward to for the Android O release date is picture in picture. Using this feature, you will be able to watch a video while using another app. For example, you could be reading a Google Doc while also watching a YouTube video. Surely that will help productivity!

Notification Badges

Former iOS users will be happy to see this feature. Notification badges are coming to Android O. This feature has already been available through some third party launchers – I use notification badges with Nova Launcher right now – but it’s nice to see that the feature will be included in the actual OS without having to find a workaround.

Just a Taste

There are dozens of features and tweaks coming to Android O that you should be able to experience when the Android O release date finally arrives. Those above are some of the major ones but just a taste of everything to come. Now, let’s cross our fingers and hope this rumor that Android O is coming very soon is correct. I’m going to remain skeptical, however. I think it’s more likely we see Android O alongside the Pixel 2 launch but I won’t complain about an early surprise.

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