Android Inventor Andy Rubin Teases His Startup’s New Smartphone

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Andy Rubin, the inventor of Android, is building a new “android” smartphone to give tough competition to smartphones by Samsung, Apple and rising phone makers. Rubin shared the first picture of the mysterious smartphone recently. The picture is no more than a tease, as one cannot see the complete hardware because it shows just the corner of it.

Few details about the new smartphone

Rubin tweeted, “I’m really excited about how this is shaping up. Eager to get it in more people’s hands.”

He attached an image of the phone as well. Rubin did not provide any more details about it, like when it will be unveiled fully or the release date or month of the phone.

Though there are very few details available, the teaser image did show the place where the time, network information and battery were displayed. The phone looks like it is missing a lot of bezel, making the front of the smartphone all screen, notes ZDNet.

He left Google in 2014 and has mostly kept himself out of the media’s eye until now. Between 2015 and 2016, he worked on building up a new company: a hardware startup called Essential. This new mysterious device could be the company’s first hardware release.

Rubin aims to compete with Samsung and Apple

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that the ex-Android boss recruited about 40 people to his new firm, including hires from Google and Apple. A search on LinkedIn reveals that Niccolo De Masi, ex-CEO of Glu Mobile, is the chief operating officer and president of the startup. Rubin also recently hired HTC global vice president Jason Mackenzie, Andy Fouché from Magic Leap and Jason Keats, the lead product designer on Apple’s iPad.

According to early reports, this new flagship phone from Essential will serve as the foundation for a lineup of connected products, from smart home gadgets to phones to app stores, by using artificial intelligence. Rubin is convinced that AI is the next big change to revolutionize the technology industry.

The ex-Googler will be aiming for the luxury end of the market. The new phone could hit the market around the middle of this year with a price tag of over $600, notes Bloomberg. There are also reports that Foxconn is in talks to make Rubin’s new smartphone.

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