Didn’t Get ANCHOR Property Tax Rebate Payment? What To Do

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New Jersey started sending the ANCHOR Property Tax Relief rebate payments in late March. Most payments have already been issued, so those who are eligible but haven’t yet received their ANCHOR property tax rebate payment should get it by May 3. If you don’t get the payment by May 3, you need to contact the state Treasury Department.

Schedule For Sending ANCHOR Property Tax Rebate Payment

More than 1.7 million residents applied for the ANCHOR program, including 1.25 million homeowners and over 514,000 renters. In March last year, Gov. Phil Murphy announced the program during his 2023 budget address. Then last month, the governor said that he plans to continue the program in the state’s next fiscal year.

The ANCHOR (Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters) program builds on the former Homestead Benefit property tax relief program. This new program extends the eligibility to renters and raises the income threshold for eligible homeowners.

The first batch of ANCHOR Property Tax Relief rebate payments went out on March 28 in the form of direct deposits. At the time, more than 800,000 residents received their ANCHOR Property tax rebate payment, Gov. Murphy announced.

“At a time when families are facing increasing pressure on their wallets, it’s a good feeling to know we are following through on our promise to make New Jersey more affordable,” Governor Murphy said while announcing the first batch of payments.

After sending the direct deposit, the authorities were scheduled to mail the rebate checks in the first week of April. Now almost a month after sending the first batch of payments, the State Department of the Treasury is winding down the process as it works through the remainder of the applications.

The State Department of the Treasury has already issued about 1.4 million payments, confirmed a Treasury spokesperson, according to northjersey.com. Further, the spokesperson said that the authorities want to send out most rebate payments by the end of this month.  

What If You Don’t Get The Rebate Payment?

Every eligible application with no issues should be sent the payment by the end of April. In the meantime, the department will continue to review applications and work on applications with missing information or other issues.

Most ANCHOR Property tax rebate payments will be issued before May 3. However, applications with missing information or any other issue may take more time to finalize. So, if you haven’t yet gotten the ANCHOR Property tax rebate payment, you can check the status of your application and payment by visiting nj.gov/treasury/taxation/anchor.

If you don’t get the payment by May 3, then you should use the status inquiry link, or call 888-238-1233 for more information.

If the status link says the ANCHOR Property tax rebate payment has been made, then you should call the hotline a week after a direct deposit was supposed to be made and two weeks after a paper check was supposed to be mailed.