AMD Drop Prices, Launch New Chips To Challenge Intel Corporation

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s second and third-tier processors: the Core i5 and Core i3 series will be directly challenged by AMD in terms of price, says a report from PC World. AMD has not drawn head to head comparison between its latest FX-series processors and Intel Corporations’ counterpart, but price is one factor that AMD has taken into account against Intel’s Core i5 and Core i3 series.

AMD drop prices

Intel Haswell –E series CPU, the core i7 5960x is expected to be priced at $1000, whereas AMD ‘s brand new 8 core processors the 4GHz FX-8370 and 3.3GHz FX-8370E is priced at $200 and the 3.2GHz FX 8320e costs at $147. Additionally, the company has lowered the price of other high-end processors such as FX-9590—which is now going for $230.

AMD is targeting two basic applications for its new CPUs i.e. content creation and gaming above 1080 resolutions. Additionally, it is targeting budget price system, describing a theoretical “enthusiast gaming PC” powered by an FX-9590 CPU, a video card with a Radeon R9 290X graphics processor, and 16GB of DDR3/2133 memory that would cost $1499.

Quality preferred over price

Compared to Intel Corporations’ quad Core i5 -4690K, AMD says that its eight core FX-8370 and FX-9590 is better in performing tasks such as converting images from RAW format to JPEG. For Professional photographers and videographer, time matters a lot and the majority of them are willing to spend more money for getting increased processing power from system built on Intel Corporations’ higher end Core i7 CPUs.

Intel is designing its fourth-generation Core processors using a 22nm manufacturing processor; whereas AMD is still using 32 nm processes to build FX series parts. For its fifth-generation Core processors, Intel is relying on 14nm process.

Intel making efforts to boost mobile presence

Separately, to overcome the rising threat, the chip maker has hired Amir Faintuch, an ex-employee of QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) Inc. The move would help Intel to boost its efforts in the mobile and Internet-connected gadgets. In May, Intel formed an alliance with Chinese Soc specialist Rockchip develop chips the low-cost tablets running on Google’s Inc Android platform.

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