AMD Boasts Rising Support For Ryzen Chips: Should It Worry Intel?

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has stated that almost all top-notch PC makers are making computers based on its Ryzen desktop processors. The company made the announcement at Computex while showing off a series of new products and Ryzen processor-based high-end gaming systems from the topmost OEMs. The chip maker also revealed launch dates for its upcoming datacenter and consumer products.

Ryzen chips present a rising challenge to Intel

AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su said, “We celebrate 30 years of AMD in Taiwan at Computex this year with great momentum around our new high-performance computing and graphics products.”

At Computex, she showcased AMD’s new line of products, including the EPYC family of processors for datacenters, Ryzen mobile processors, high-end Radeon Vega-based graphics cards and the AMD Ryzen Threadripper.

Further, the executive said, “We were thrilled to be joined by customers and partners including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo to showcase their latest AMD Ryzen-powered PC.”

This may not be good news for Intel. AMD stated that its Ryzen desktop processors will outperform similarly-priced Intel chips by 27% to 75%.

Machines powered by Ryzen include the Acer Aspire GX-281 desktop, the Asus Republic of Games Strix GL702ZC desktop replacement, the Asus G11DF Desktop, the Dell Inspiron Gaming desktop, the Lenovo IdeaCenter 720, the Dell Inspiron 27 7000 Series AIO and the Lenovo IdeaCentre 510.

More from AMD at Computex

AMD also unveiled the Ryzen mobile accelerated processing unit in an ultra-portable laptop references design. The Ryzen mobile processor is a step ahead in terms of CPU performance and is 40% better on graphics than AMD’s current products. Ryzen chips will be released toward the end of this year and in 2018.

AMD also announced the release date for the EPYC, its new high-performance processor for cloud-based and conventional on-premise data centers. The tech company stated that the first EPYC processor-based servers will launch on June 20 and will get immense support from original equipment manufacturers and channel partners. The EPYC is equipped with superior memory bandwidth and unmatched support for high-speed input/output (I/O) channels.

Nothing much for gamers until July

Many were expecting AMD to share details about its Vega line of GPUs at Computex, but the company informed attendees that everyone will have to wait until the end of July. Su did state that the next Vega GPU will officially be launched at the SIGGRAPH graphics conference on July 30 or July 31 Australian time.

It is clear now that the VEGA will not be launched in the second quarter, which is frustrating for PC users who were looking for an upgrade before the end of the quarter. Kotaku notes that although the RX 500 cards are available, gamers looking for the Vega cards will have to wait until July.

Rivals NVIDIA and Intel also showcased their latest technology at the event. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showcased the Max-Q design approach for efficient, high-performance laptops that will be lightweight and also thinner. Intel unveiled its flagship Core i9 processor, which is part of its Core X-series high-performance desktop chips. Intel stated that the top-end model will be available commercially first; it contains 18 processing cores and runs at teraflop speeds.

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