, Inc. (AMZN) Opens 3D Products Store

Updated on, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) will now offer the custom 3D-printed products like pendants or bobblehead figurines. The first 3D printed products of Amazon has been launched  in the United States and sells 200 unique print-on demand products, out of which many can be customized by material size, styles and color variations, and personalized with text and image imprints in a new release, the retailer announced in a press release on Monday.

“The introduction of our 3D Printed Products store suggests the beginnings of a shift in online retail – that manufacturing can be more nimble to provide an immersive customer experience,” said Amazon Marketplace Sales director Petra Schindler-Carter.

Amazon offers customized products

Retailers such as Mixee Labs will offer these products on Amazon platform. The online retailer said its new store would allow users “put their individual style on an item they create” using design templates and 3D preview. The prices of the items vary on the basis of size and material, but majority of products fall into the $30 range.

Customers will first select the template of the product and then choose their desired color, designs and other features to make it to the exact specifications. The company is working in collaboration with companies like Sculpteo, 3DLT, and Mixee labs, to manufacture the new goods.

The online retailer is trying to embark quality control, and not to put a great deal of efforts in educating the customers about the ways how 3D printing work.

Rivals already offer such products

Peers such as eBay are already offering 3D printed products, and it has been almost a year since the company opened a store. An online 3D-printed products marketplace, Shapeways has been offering the 3D printing products for years and entered into an agreement with Hasbro last year to offer designer My Little Pony figurines.

Customers are not allowed to upload their own designs to Amazon, according to Tech Crunch. Launch of such stores does not specifically mark that the company will make high on sales of online goods, but it means that the biggest online retailer is supporting the production process that can transform the way how products are conceived or planned.

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