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Amazon Is Developing A Messaging App Called Anytime [REPORT]

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Amazon already is a big name in online shopping, smart home systems, and cloud services, and now it wants to make a mark in messaging as well. AFTV News claims that the company is working on a messaging app called Anytime. To support its claim, the report says that the online shopping giant is conducting a survey to learn the features that users want the most in a messaging app.

How Amazon’s messaging app will be different

Lately, messaging apps have grown in number and features quite rapidly. Hence, to differentiate, Amazon’s messaging app will likely have all the most useful and popular features, explained AFTV News. Further, the report claims that Amazon’s messaging app will focus mostly on voice and video calls. Other expected features will be filters for photos and videos, @mention for other users, stickers and GIFs, and games as well.

While the final picture isn’t clear as yet, there are good chances that users will be able to make audio and video calls to individuals and groups. They will also reportedly be able to contact businesses and make reservations through the app. Survey images (via AFTV News) reveal that the service will both be secure and encrypted and will work on most devices and platforms, be it Android or iOS and through the web.

There might also be some connection with existing social networks for contacts, suggests the survey, which says users will only need to type the names of their friends to reach out to them. Users may also be allowed to color code conversations, listen to music in groups and share their location as well.

Amazon’s messaging app Anytime is expected to be powered by the company’s chat service for enterprise users called Chime. Further, scope exists for integration with Alexa. Recently, the company launched messaging and calling features for all Alexa devices, notes Macrumors. Putting those functions into a separate app would likely be beneficial for the company.

Success mantra for Amazon

AFTV News claims that Amazon’s messaging app will only be successful if plenty of other services agree to enter into a partnership with it. The market has several apps that dominate the instant messaging and chat field, thus making it difficult for a new entrant, even with backing from big names such as Google Allo. Hence, to be able to compete in the tough market, Amazon must introduce all the advertised features at the launch event.

Amazon must also convince customers that its messaging app will be far better than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger; otherwise, its fate will be like numerous other apps with small user bases. Though there has not been any official announcement from the company regarding the project, judging from the words of a user who participated in the survey, the finished product already exists.

Amazon is also reportedly redesigning its Echo speaker to take on Apple’s forthcoming HomePod. Both products are expected to hit the market sometime later this year.

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