Amazon Fire 7 Vs Kindle E-Reader – Great Sales, But Which Is The Right Device?

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The holidays can be a stressful time for us all so why not save yourself the headache by taking advantage of some Cyber Monday deals? Gain access to hundreds of specials without ever leaving the comfort of home. Amazon has some amazing offers this season and here are two great additions to your shopping cart.  The Kindle e-reader comes equipped with a 6’’ glare free touchscreen. With Wifi connectivity and the ability to customize your on-screen settings and reading experience, this tablet is a great gift for the holidays.

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The in-book dictionary and instant translation guarantees a smooth and integrated reading experience. This e-reader comes with free cloud storage for all your Amazon content and offers an additional 4 GB of space on the device itself.

The tablet is both dependable and easy to use and is perfect for the friends and family who read often and don’t like the pomp and flare that newer models are known for. Amazon devices start at $49.99 with free shipping on thousands of items for the holiday season. During this week only, you can buy 2 devices and save over $70.00.
Fire 7 on sale – Screenshot via Amazon

If you like the Kindle e-reader, you’ll love the Fire 7 for the kids in your life. The Fire 7 has a 7’’ display and the larger screen is perfect for idle tykes. The full color screen and the single antenna dual-band Wifi work in tandem to deliver high definition picture and sound. Created for ages 3 and up, kids can spend hours watching their favorite cartoons and movies.

The device has 16 GB of internal storage. It may seem excessive for users still learning their letters, but that extra room comes in handy when playing educational games and utilizing child friendly apps. As a bonus, the Fire 7 comes with its own childproof case in a variety of colors at no extra cost. The new design is both thinner and lighter and offers a two-year warranty.

The purchase of both the Kindle e-reader and the Fire 7 gives buyers free access to Kindle Unlimited. This means that you can take advantage of millions of Amazon titles for thirty days at no extra cost just for getting a head start on your Christmas list. These deals will last for a limited time only. Both the Kindle e-reader and the Fire 7 are great for all ages.

Can’t decide on just one?  Choose them both and save almost $100 dollars in fees.

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