Amazon, Inc. to Support Apple Pay on Visa Rewards Card

Updated on, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) shoppers who currently use the company’s Visa Rewards card will soon be able to pay through Apple Pay. 9-to-5 Mac recently reported some card types would not support Apple Pay just yet. However, the e-tail giant recently confirmed it was working to make Amazon Visa Rewards Card supported by Apple Pay. The actual availability date is unknown.

Amazon joins Apple Pay with Chase Rewards

A representative for Chase initially told GeekWire that Amazon’s card was not supported by Apple Pay and declined to offer a reason. Some co-branded cards, business cards, and prepaid cards are not yet supported for Apple Pay.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s support document shows Capital One and American Express are the only two financial institutions which support small business credit cards. Bank of America, American Express, Chase, and Citi Bank offer support for co-branded cards. Capital One and J.P. Morgan don’t support co-branded cards. Some Amazon shoppers were concerned when Amazon’s Chase Rewards card did not work with Apple Pay. Although Chase co-branded bank cards are now compatible with the new payment system, it is advised to check with their bank to see which cards are supported. Reportedly, Amazon Chase Rewards cards are now compatible with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay could be key to keeping consumers safe

Amazon is a huge retailer that sells just about everything and it is one of the most popular online retailers. Expanding the roster for Apple Pay is a huge opportunity the company shouldn’t miss. Apple Pay could revolutionize the way people spend money, especially if more iPhone users adopt the technology. The fact this payment system provides a safer and private experience for users is a huge win. With many retail chains landing in hot water over compromised customer information, financial security is even more important. Apple Pay could change all that and create a safer shopping experience for all.

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