Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini: Smart Speaker Comparison

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The home speaker market is hotting up, and there is already an Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini war taking place! The two mega-corporations have become the dominant players in this artificial intelligence marketplace, and thus it is informative to compare the qualities of the two devices.

Forbes test

Firstly, Forbes put the two devices through their paces by setting the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini a series of tricky questions to answer. And as much as Amazon and Google have boasted about the capabilities of their new speaker devices, Forbes concluded that neither actually perform particularly well.

The Google Home Mini was able to answer 24/45 questions adequately, while Forbes also gave an extra half point to this device. But the Amazon Echo Dot wasn’t even able to answer 50 percent of the queries it was posed successfully, scoring only 18.5 out of a possible 45 in the test.

Forbes noted that both assistants have improved somewhat since the last time that they were tested, but clearly there is still room for improvement. Nonetheless, the Google Home Mini undoubtedly came out on top in this basic testing of its capabilities.

Light operation

But answering questions is just one small part of the Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini comparison. Consumers also invest in these devices with the hope of making everyday household tasks easier to carry out. So how do these two devices cope with turning lighting on and off?

Of course, this can differ depending on the lighting system implemented in your particular home, but the consensus of opinion is that the Google Home Mini actually copes with this rather better. Voice commands don’t seem to be entirely consistent with the Amazon Echo Dot at present, meaning that the Google Home Mini is certainly the better home assistant in this department.

Playing music

Amazon particular;y features the playback of music rather prominently in its marketing material for the Echo Dot, so this is another valid area to make an Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini comparison.

Both of these smart speakers are capable of playing music, but are primarily designed to handle voice commands and responses. With relatively tiny drivers and speaker systems included in the two systems, the playback of music can sound a little tinny and mediocre on both devices.

However, the 3.5mm headphone jack included in the Amazon Echo Dot improves music playback significantly. More music services work with the Alexa system, and despite the Chromecast compatibility of the Google effort, the Amazon Echo Dot is unquestionably the better music playback device at present.

Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini

Turn on the TV

We all hate getting up to turn on the television set, and nowadays we can’t even be bothered to use a remote! So a key pillar in the Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini battle is the ability of the devices to successfully turn a TV on and off.

It is firstly important to note that in order to control most television sets a separate home hub, such as the Logitech Harmony Elite, is requisite. Possibly some control over TV can be asserted through Chromecast, but this hasn’t proved to be hugely successful in testing.

Again, there is no doubt that the Google Home Mini operates more slickly in this department, making it far more feasible to switch channels and operate a television set via voice commands. This is an area where the Google device has an edge over the Amazon offering, and Amazon clearly has work to do here.


Design is perhaps not the most obvious area for an Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini comparison. But ultimately these devices are part of our homes, and thus they need to look good.

Of course, this is a rather subjective area for comparison, but the consensus of opinion is that the matte finish of the Amazon Echo Dot exterior is rather dated. The Google Home Mini provides coral, chalk and charcoal options, while the curved appearance of the device is somewhat more pleasing than its Amazon rival. The fabric finish is also a nifty aspect of this device, and this means that the Google Home Mini has the edge in this department as well.


The quality of services delivered by the two devices is actually rather similar. The two ecosystems have achieved virtual parity, with phone calls and the control of connected devices possible with both systems. Naturally, both manufacturers have neglected to include the other party’s music systems, so Google Home Mini won’t work with Amazon Music, while the Amazon Echo Dot is incompatible with Google Play Music.

This could ultimately impact on in your decision, but the reality is that the functionality of these two devices is at least theoretically almost identical. The quality of operation can vary, but both systems have been set up to achieve similar things.


So who comes out on top in the Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini war? Well, it’s bad news for Amazon. Considering that both of these devices are pretty well priced, and almost identical in terms of recommended retail price, it really comes down to the qualities of the two units.

And the Google Home Mini consistently outperforms the Amazon Echo Dot in almost every department. Not only that, but it is also a more attractive addition to one’s dwelling.

Those wanting a music playback device may opt for the Amazon speaker, but the superior all-round package, and the smarter assistant, is undoubtedly provided by the Google Home Mini.

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