Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Syncs Your Camera Roll To The Cloud

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Ever wanted an easy way to backup photos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the cloud? Well, that’s exactly what is possible with Amazon’s new Cloud Drive Photos app which was recently released on the Apple App Store. This free app allows you to upload all your iPhone or iPod touch photos to the cloud. All you need is a free Amazon account and you’re good to go.

Once the photos are uploaded, they can be accessed from your computer or any web browser directly. The app does have the option to automatically upload new photos in the camera roll, and once you enable this setting, all the new photos are automatically sent to Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Syncs Your Camera Roll To The Cloud

If you prefer the manual way, then you can select which photos to upload, or select entire camera roll. If you are on a limited data plan, then you can configure the app to only do the photos when you are on a WiFi, and thereby save some data costs. The app is a good choice for those who want to backup their precious memories in the form of photos.

Amazon provides you 5GB of free storage, which should give you enough room to store up to 2000 photos. Amazon also offers desktop apps for Windows and Mac to handle file transfer and sync. If users are not satisfied by the 5GB space, then additional space can also be purchased for $10 a year for 20GB, or 100GB for $50. Comparing the price with Dropbox, Amazon clearly has an edge as Dropbox costs $99 for 100GB storage, whereas Amazon charges just $50 for 100GB storage.

Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos app is now in direct competition to Apple’s Photo Stream service. Amazon offers more free space compared to Apple, and another point to consider is that Apple will allow you to store only 1000 of your photos per stream for 30 days. Whereas photos stored on your Amazon account are stored forever, with no expiration date.

Cloud Drive photos can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and through e-mail. The app is a superb choice to backup all your photos from camera roll, just in case. With 5GB of free storage, it would meet most of the requirements of normal users, and more space can also be purchased if required. Get it for your iOS device from below link.

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