Amazon Wants Google To Be A Friend, Restores Chromecast

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Amazon has confirmed that it will relist Apple TV and Google Chromecast on its website. Both the video streaming gadgets, which compete with Amazon’s Fire TV products, were removed from the platform two years ago.

Apple TV and Google Chromecast back on Amazon

“I can confirm that we are assorting Apple TV and Chromecast,” an Amazon spokesperson told CNET.

The online retailing giant has added the product listing pages for the two versions of the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. However, the devices are currently showing unavailable for sale. The customers, however, can expect it to open anytime soon.

Back in 2015, when Amazon decided to pull the devices of both the rival companies, it stated that consumers would be confused and unhappy if they sell the streaming devices that do not offer a direct and simple way to view Amazon Prime Video content. The feud between Amazon and Apple ended a few weeks back, when Amazon launched a Prime Video app for the Apple TV.

However, Amazon and Google have still to come to terms on a few points. The first is, Amazon Video is not available on Google Chromecast. The second is the tussle between the companies, where Google is disappointed with Amazon for not supporting Google Cast and its reluctance to sell Google products on its platform.

Both of the companies are expanding into each other’s territory. Amazon is pushing into online advertising, while Google is tapping into e-commerce, as well as, the smart speakers space. The rivalry intensified when Amazon started placing Fire Stick in the customer’s cart, when they clicked for the Echo device or Chromecast.

In reply, Google discontinued YouTube from the Echo Show, and planned to remove the app from the Fire TV streaming device on Jan. 1, notes The Verge. Amazon then accused Google of “selectively blocking customer access to an open website.”

Amazon needs YouTube

Given the massive popularity of YouTube, a tech product not having access to it becomes less preferable. So, with Amazon restoring Chromecast, it could be a sign of easing tensions between the two. Last week, Variety reported that Amazon is working on a trick to make YouTube available on its devices without Google’s approval. However, no such work-around would be needed if Google and Amazon were to reach an agreement.

For now, it is not clear whether Google would also reciprocate the same gesture and open YouTube to Google products.

“We are in productive discussions with Amazon to reach an agreement for the benefit of our mutual customers. We hope we can reach an agreement to resolve these issues soon,” a Google spokesperson said Thursday, according to CNET.

Meanwhile, to somewhat make up for the YouTube loss, Amazon added multi-room audio support on its Echo speakers for Spotify and SiriusXM. This allows you to listen to your favorite tunes on more than one Echo at a time. For Spotify users, the multi-room audio support is available in several countries including the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and Germany, while for the SiriusXM, it is only in the US.

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