Amazon Snatches The BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’ From Netflix

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For Netflix’s Doctor Who fans in the U.S., there is some bad news as the show won’t be available to them any longer. On Monday, an Amazon PR representative reached out to FanSided to announce an agreement between Amazon and BBC Worldwide North America to bring the first eight seasons of Doctor Who to Amazon Prime Video for multiple years.

Did Amazon outbid Netflix?

The deal is for the exclusive streaming rights to Doctor Who in the United States mentioned the PR rep. Since there is no way to vet that information, we have to believe that it is correct. Until the time the contract between Amazon and the BBC Worldwide North America expires or Netflix is able to find a way to get in on the deal somehow, the series will not be on its platform.

It is extremely unlikely that the latter will happen. There was a time when a similar agreement existed between Netflix and BBC Worldwide North America. With the expiration of the contract this year, Doctor Who was removed from Netflix like a few other BBC shows.

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Several reports surfaced at that time claiming that the BBC planned to launch a streaming service which would offer its shows to customers and viewers in the U.S. It seems now that those reports were a bit premature, and it also seems that Amazon has outbid Netflix to secure the rights to Doctor Who, says NetflixLife.

Bad news for users with only a Netflix subscription

Since Amazon, Netflix and the BBC prefer not to make their discussions public, the exact figures of the bids are not known for now. Also it is not known how everything went down. The only fair thing to do here is to conclude that Amazon put up more money than Netflix did to secure the rights to the series.

Nevertheless, for people having an Amazon Prime subscription, this is great news because it means that they will now be able to stream Doctor Who in the U.S. again. However, it is bad news for users with just a Netflix subscription. Hulu also does not have the streaming rights to Doctor Who in the U.S., as Amazon has exclusive streaming rights. We will update you if we find more on this agreement between Amazon and the BBC Worldwide North America.

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