Amazon Alexa Integrated With Bragi Dash Wireless Earbuds

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The Amazon Alexa voice assistant is coming to Bragi Dash wireless earbuds (both Dash and Dash Pro). Although there have been earphones to get the Amazon Alexa voice assistant before, none of them were wireless, notes The Verge.

How Alexa works on the Bragi Dash earbuds

Bragi is already compatible with Google Assistant and Siri, but only when it is connected to an iPhone or Android phone with Google Assistant built-in. With Amazon Alexa, voice commands often work once the latest version of the app is downloaded, notes Pocket-lint.

At IFA, the earphone maker announced that the new feature will be pushed out via a software update and will be available in English (both American and British accents) and German. Starting in October, users will be able to use Alexa on their Bragi Dash earbuds after downloading Bragi OS (BOS) 3.1. Further, they will need to connect the Bragi App with their Amazon account to use the new integration.

To wake up Alexa, users will either have to tap or use the Dash’s 4D menu, in which the earbud motion sensing enables them to turn their head left or right to select from the virtual menu. Apart from listening to music and controlling playback through voice, Alexa support will allow users to control their connected smart home products, order groceries and hear about the weather.

“We have always seen The Dash as an interactive device that improves one’s quality of life. Through Alexa, we are able to take this one step further, bringing smart home, e-commerce and home entertainment examples of how The Dash can be useful,” said Bragi founder Nikolaj Hviid.

The Bragi Dash Pro is beyond just headphones; it’s almost a computer with more than 150 micro components, artificial intelligence and a 32-bit processor. Artificial intelligence is powered by the Dash AI and 27 sensors. Sensors in the headphone help activate the Bragi’s unique natural user interface and turn the user’s body into a virtual remote control.

Growing the presence of Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is reaching almost every aspect of life, with several companies making an announcement about Alexa integration at the IFA trade show in Berlin. For instance, DTS announced that in the coming months, it will release a number of Alexa-enabled speakers, which will be added to its popular multi-room audio ecosystem, including Onkyo, Phorus, and Pioneer. Starting with the Phorus PS10 wireless speaker in late September, other releases will include the Onkyo and Pioneer Elite Smart Speaker F4.

“Amazon Alexa is the most widely recognized and adopted voice service on the market and we are very excited to announce the first of many products with built-in, far-field Alexa capability,” said DTS Play-Fi’s general manager, Dannie Lau, in a press release.

At the event, Harman also launched its Alexa-compatible Harman Kardon Allure, offering 360-degree sound and a handy design. Priced at $250, the Allure will be available this winter. A few days ago, Amazon and Microsoft also announced that Cortana and Alexa will be able to chat with one another.

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