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Not only can they provide some downside protection, but they can also offer the possibility of low-risk sources of return.

Alternatives: Can managed futures offer diversification? – (Fund Strategy)

The risk-parity funds can be viewed as an alternative to balanced funds, which typically invest 60% of their assets in stocks and 40% in bonds.

Are Risk-Parity Funds a Better Strategy for Diversification? – (Wall Street Journal)

Hedge fund managers are beginning to explore non-traditional financing sources outside of prime brokers. Thirteen percent of respondents are seeking or plan to seek financing from non-traditional sources in the next two years,”

EY Survey: Hedge Funds Facing Margin Pressure, Regulatory Changes & Shifts in Growth Strategies – (FIN alternatives)

Does this mean that you’re guaranteed to earn a certain level of returns in stocks if you hold them for a specified time frame? No.

Playing the Probabilities – (A Wealth of Common Sense)

The problem is the companies were banking on oil prices closer to $100 oil when they took on the debt. Now oil is around $45 and no one is expecting prices to hit $100 any time soon.

What that means is the likelihood of unpaid debt has gone up for many companies.

Warning: Oil company defaults are coming – (CNN Money)

Raw Sugar Prices are up 39% since August 24th, the markets largest gain since 2011.

Hedge Funds Load Up on Sugar – (Wall Street Journal)

How low will Silver have to go before sentiment turns so bad, that its actually good?

Silver’s Sharp Sell Off – (Short Side of the Long)

Besides contending that hedge funds provide outsize returns, their supporters say the funds have another big selling point: Their returns are not correlated to the stock market. That means they move independently of the market when it goes up and down.

A Hedge Fund Sales Pitch Casts a Spell on Public Pensions – (The New York Times)

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