Alabama Tax Rebate: Update Your Address by Nov 29 to Get Paper Check

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Alabama is set to send a tax rebate to eligible taxpayers starting next month through direct deposit or paper check. Thus, it is important that those expecting an Alabama tax rebate by paper check have their address updated with the Alabama Department of Revenue. Such taxpayers now have two days to update their address.  

How to update your address

Gov. Kay Ivey approved the one-time Alabama tax rebate earlier this year. Eligible individuals will get $150, while married couples filing jointly will get $300. The rebate will start going out beginning December 1.

“Thanks to our unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility, one-time tax rebates will be with our hard-working Alabamians in time for the holidays,” Gov. Kay Ivey said earlier this month.

Alabama will send the rebate electronically or by check, depending on how taxpayers received their tax refund. This means that those who received their refund electronically will receive the rebate via direct deposit, while others will get a paper check. 

Alabama will use the same bank account to issue the rebate by direct deposit in which the taxpayers received their 2021 refund.

Taxpayers will receive the Alabama tax rebate via paper check if their banking information has changed since filing their 2021 return, or they received their 2021 refund using a tax preparer’s account. The authorities will send the paper check to the address they have on file based on taxpayers’ most recent income tax return filing.

So, if your mailing address has changed since filing the return, it is important that you update it. You will have to update your address before 5 p.m. on November 29.

To update your address, you will have to register for a My Alabama Taxes account. Visit this link to sign up for a My Alabama Taxes account and this link for updating your address in your My Alabama Taxes account.

Alabama tax rebate: who won’t get it?

To qualify for the one-time Alabama tax rebate, taxpayers must have filed their 2021 income taxes by Oct. 17, 2022. Nonresidents, trusts, estates, and people claimed as dependents do not qualify for the Alabama tax rebate. Also, a check won’t be issued to a deceased person who filed a 2021 Individual Income Tax return as a single, head of family or married filing separately.

It must be noted that those who filed their 2021 return jointly, but one of the individuals is now deceased, the remaining spouse will still get a rebate of $300. Alternatively, those who filed a joint 2021 return but filed a separate 2022 return will be sent two separate checks for $150 each.

Moreover, those who filed their 2021 return as individuals but got married after that will receive the $150 rebate. Also, if you filed a joint 2021 return but subsequently filed a joint 2022 return with a different spouse, you will get two separate checks for $150 each.

Visit the Alabama Department of Revenue website or call 334-242-1170 to get more information on the Alabama tax rebate.