AI coins are booming ahead of NVIDIA conference: NEAR and Scotty AI lead pack

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AI associated cryptocurrencies have seen massive gains in recent days, as excitement for the sector builds ahead of NVIDIA’s flagship conference on March 18.

Adding to the excitement is the discovery that the founder of NEAR blockchain, a top 20 market cap cryptocurrency, will be one of the notable speakers at the Nvidia conference.

NEAR Protocol and AI

The NEAR protocol is an ultra scalable blockchain platform which was originally designed as a marketplace for AI computational power.

It can help mitigate the shortage of semi-conductor chips, by pairing buyers (ie, AI firms) with computer networks that have excess computational power.

In light of the Nvidia conference, NEAR protocol has seen monumental price increases, being just $1 in October 2023.

Fast forward to 2024, NEAR saw a decline from the highs of $4 down to $2.65, and then a sudden upwards trajectory with the token hitting $7 today.

This new AI narrative paired with NEAR Protocol’s hyper scalability makes it a prime contender to bridge the crypto and artificial intelligence industries.

Other AI projects riding the trend

With the current positive sentiment around the AI narrative, Elon Musk’s xAI announcement that it will open source their GROK GPT also ignited a rally in the cryptocurrency XAI.

The token started off the day at $1.40, with the announcement launching it to $1.57 in just 4 hours.

Currently the price has stabilized around the $1.52 mark.

Render Token ($RNDR) is another AI focused cryptocurrency that has seen major price action due to the current narrative.

Just one month ago $RNDR price was floating at just under $5. Since then to now the price has peaked, nearly touching the $13 mark today.

This represents an explosive 125% price increase in just one month, and over 60% in just the last 7 days.

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Scotty the AI is one new crypto project which is at the intersection of artificial intelligence applied to blockchain systems.

This new protocol implements an AI chatbot GPT on a blockchain based system which has been expertly trained in web3, crypto and on-chain analytics.

The project will also introduce the Scotty Swap DEX, which is a decentralized exchange aggregation tool which utilizes AI to find the cheapest and most efficient route for decentralized token swaps.

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Most recently, Scotty the AI held a presale which quickly sold out, however, the platform is offering a final sale round which will last for 7 days.

This may be the last chance for buyers to obtain $SCOTTY tokens at an early stage discount price and leverage the AI narrative.

You can visit the official presale site or check out the Scotty the AI whitepaper for more insights on the project.