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ADW Up 21% In H1 2017

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ADW Capital is up 28% net and 21% gross in 2017. Below is an email obtained by ValueWalk on the performance stats for H1 2017

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Adam Wyden


ADW Capital Management, LLC

1133 Broadway

Suite 719

New York, New York 10010


cell: 202-256-8521


Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 11:22 PM
Subject: ADW Capital Q2 2017 Performance Update

Partners and Friends of ADW Capital:

Below please find the un-audited Q2 and YTD 2017 performance update for ADW Capital Partners, LP*:

Q2 2017
Gross: 11.75%
Net: 9.16%
YTD 2017
Gross: 28.02%
Net: 21.30%
Since Inception (Jan 2011)
Gross: 564.47%
Net: 399.50%
Gross: 33.82%
Net: 28.08%
*Assumes a 2%/20% fee structure. Individual investor returns may vary based on the timing of subscriptions.


In running a concentrated portfolio, quarter-to-quarter volatility can and should be expected. As our track record builds, we hope our partners analyze our performance with the same duration with which we look at the majority of our investments -- a minimum of three to five years.


That being said, we are confident that while our style goes in out of vogue over time, it has and will continue to produce out sized returns over a market cycle.

Thanks again for the continued interest and please reach out with any questions

AND a Happy 4th !!!



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