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The Actual Returns Of The World’s Best Investors

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What comes to mind when you hear these names:  Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, Joel Greenblatt, Peter Lunch, Phil Fisher, and Benjamin Graham?

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I think of many of best investors of the past 100 years; people who know how to compound their wealth year after year.

The real-world returns these investors have generated over long periods of time is nothing short of extraordinary.

  • Warren Buffett:  19% CAGR over 50 years
  • Seth Klarman:  ~20% CAGR over 34 years
  • Benjamin Graham:  ~20% CAGR over 20 years
  • Peter Lynch:  29% CAGR over 13 years
  • Joel Greenblatt:  48% CAGR over 10 year

Think about the amazing wealth creation of these investors…  Compounding at 20% a year means doubling your wealth in under 4 years.

Most of the above super investors have put a great emphasis on investing for the long-run.  Long-term thinking helps to explain how these investors have been able to generate tremendous returns over decades.

“The single greatest edge an investor can have is a long-term orientation”
- Seth Klarman

Having a long-term investing perspective is one of the techniques that many of the world’s best investors use.

There is much to learn from studying the actual historical investments of the world’s best investors…

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