How Can An Activity Tracker Improve Your Health

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Let’s face it, many of us have embraced, voluntarily or not, a sedentary lifestyle. We get in our cars, drive to work, sit at the office for 8 to 10 hours, drive back home and sit again on the couch in front of the TV or computer. Sounds familiar? Could an ActivityTracker help you?

If it does, than you definitely need to reassess your current lifestyle and make changes that are beneficial physically-wise. It’s enough to admit that adjustments are necessary because, once you’re there, help is just a tap way in the form of fitness apps.

It’s true, technology can now help us stay fit without having to resort to a personal trainer or to go to the gym. All we need today is our smartphone, a fitness app and we’re all set. Apps designed to help us improve our general health, keep a regular diet or be more physically active have increased tremendously in popularity over the years.

According to a survey conducted by JMIR Publications, almost 60% percent of US smartphone users have downloaded a health-related app, while 41% have downloaded more than five apps of this kind. So the stats are pretty self-explanatory, they are extremely popular in the mobile world, but why do users prefer them?


ActivityTracker – The benefits of fitness apps

There are a couple of reasons why you should turn your attention to health-tracking apps.

First and foremost, to keep proper track of your progress. Once you embark on this improvement journey, you’ll most surely want to know where you are, to what extent is your physical condition bettering and on what you need to work more. Fitness apps do that for you by providing accurate and useful stats for various periods of time so that you’ll know every step of the way what types of advances you are making.


Second of all, activity trackers can help your establish specific goals for yourself. Based on your current fitness level, the apps will allow you to set individual objectives that you’ll be able to reach only if you maintain your self-discipline at a high level. Through insights into how you’re advancing, these apps will help you stay on track and eventually reach your goals.

Fitness apps can also turn out to be great motivators. In addition to the obvious incentive to ameliorate your health, they motivate you to walk more, run more and eat less junk by inviting you to enter various competitions and by offering tempting rewards. Once you know you are competing with others, you’ll definitely do your best to achieve those fitness goals. Moreover, you can share your accomplishments on social media and get those precious “likes”.


Track progress without draining your battery

If you’re convinced of the above-mentioned benefits and wish to start monitoring your fitness level, ActivityTracker by Bits&Coffee is an alternative worth trying. Why precisely this app? Well, because it enables you to keep track of your daily activity without draining your iPhone battery and without having to wear an additional gadget on your wrist.

ActivityTracker provides accurate data with regard to the steps taken, flights of stairs climbed, entire distance covered, amount of calories burned and total active time during a day. The app lets you set goals for yourself and keeps you motivated by providing insight into your daily, weekly or monthly progress. Moreover, you can visualize your physical activity on an hourly basis for the current day, in case you’re really excited to find out how much progress you’re making.


Speaking of visualization, this step counter app is designed with a modern, user-friendly interface which makes it quite easy for anyone to check their stats, whether tech savvy or not.

So if you’re decided to push the reset button, make a lifestyle change and become more active, ActivityTracker can be the perfect assistant in your quest to get in shape. The hard work… well, that will be your responsibility. You’ll have to do all the physical activities, but if you’re looking for a buddy to support you and motivate you along the way, you’ve got it.

To download the ActivityTracker app you from the app store, click here.

Article by Mike Cosmin Unguru, Founder Bits&Coffee

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