Activist Stocks: All Inclusive Quarterly Guide To 13F Filings

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Activist Stocks: All Inclusive Quarterly Guide To 13F Filings

Each quarter, Activist Stocks compiles an extensive list of major activist happenings. We profile the top 20 activist hedge funds, going into an in-depth 50 page analysis on their current stock holdings and why.

Along with the detailed portfolio analysis we provide a profile on each individual hedge fund manager. We’re not only taking a comprehensive look at what major funds are buying, but what they’re selling. Our latest newsletter is offered here.

As well you can get an quick overview of what the major activist investors did with the activist overview from our quarter newsletter.

13F Filings

13F Filings – Q2 Snippet

August 15th, was the deadline for hedge funds to submit their Q2 13F filings. The following weeks after any release are a great time to look back while also looking forward to the future. Filings can be a great way to see a firm’s direction.

Take Berkshire Hathaway as an example.

A recent 13F filing from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway showed the company bought 5.42 million Apple Shares. Bringing the total to 15.2 million, an increased stake of 27% valued at $1.46 billion.

There’s of course a few obvious conclusions we can make about this. Common knowledge dictates that Buffet only invests in companies he understands. He didn’t make his fortune over the years by betting on wild guesses.

As the premier activist and most successful value-based investor, Warren Buffett shows a shifted trend to trusting and investing in top technological behemoths. Apple seems like an easy pick, a leader of the industry and constant growth company. Buffet behind a company is a solid sign it’s time to invest in a company.

Considering the time-lapse between filings, it’s a good idea to cross reference prior quarterly filings with current ones. Look at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Following the past few filings, investors were able to gauge that the trust completely divested its entire $187 million stake in BP. Our past database of Quarterly Newsletters comes bundled with our premium content offering.

Gates & Buffet are noteworthy names. But how have other notable hedge funds and institutional investors changed their stakes?

Notable Q2 Stake Changes

Soro Fund Management disclosed these new stake changes last filing:




George Soros, head of the fund, cut their position in gold, selling the majority of its shares in Barrick Gold. He’s shifted the fund’s focus into a more economic big picture stance. He’s been lowering his exposure to China, which he thinks will be in the midst of the next financial firestorm.

Icahn Associates disclosed these new stake changes last filing:

Increase: AIG, XRX, IEP

Decrease: HTZ, NUAN, PYPAL

New Stakes: AGN

During the second quarter, Billionaire Carl Icahn added 1.2 million shares in AIG, as well as a 6.7 million share increase in Xerox. These two companies are recent holdings from last year. After the public battle shared with John Paulson, he gained two board seats.

Third Point LLC disclosed these new stake changes last filing:

Increase: TDG, STZ, BUD, DHR, NOMD

Decrease: DOW, GOOGL, YUM, TAP

New Stakes: FB, CHTR, MON, SHW, SHPG

Billionaire Daniel Loeb’s fund, added some new positions in energy and information technology sectors. Last month he said that energy bets had increased their portfolio by 4.6 percent. An opening quarter for the year he deemed catastrophic has turned around the second quarter.

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