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The 7 Most Active Seed Investors In The US

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Investor activity in US seed rounds has been on a steady decline since 2014’s peak of nearly 1,600 deals. This year is on pace to experience another drop, with 793 VC investors having participated in at least one of the 591 seed rounds completed in the US so far in 2017, per the PitchBook Platform.

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Of those deals, nearly 55% have involved companies in the software sector, followed in frequency by commercial services (7.6%) and healthcare devices & supplies (4.9%). In terms of geography, a plurality of the deals have been with startups based in California (36.5%), followed by New York (17.2%) and Washington (6%).

Here are the top 7 investors in US-based seed rounds since the start of January:

1. Innovation Works (19)

2. Techstars (18)

3. Y Combinator (17)

4. 500 Startups (15)

5. Right Side Capital Management (13)

T-6. SV Angel (12)

T-6. Social Starts (12)

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