Chinese Sources Leak 4-Inch iPhone 6C Release Date

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With many fans of Apple devices keenly awaiting the release of me oft rumored iPhone 6C, information has come to light which seemingly reveals its release date. The four-inch version of the iPhone has been anticipated by analysts for some time, and it now seems that we can expect it to finally emerge next year.

iPhone 6C – April launch leaked

A presentation from China Mobile has leaked on the web, with the upper right box of a chart from the Chinese state-owned telecommunication company indicating that a new Apple handset will launch in April next year. This is expected to be the smaller version of the iPhone series, which most market observers are predicting will be named the iPhone 6C.

Although the text in this leaked image is rather difficult to read, it has been confirmed by Apple insider that the presentation slides in question does indeed state Apple. The month of April is clearly also parallel to this text, suggesting that we will see the iPhone 6C launch at this time.

This is round about the release schedule that has been anticipated for the iPhone 6C for some time, and it will intensify suggestions that the smartphone will launch alongside the Apple Watch 2. The second iteration of the smartwatch series is anticipated for an April release date as well, and Apple could announce a special event at which should both items are unveiled for the first time.

The original report on this matter describes the anticipated new smartphone as being an iPhone 7C, but this seems an unlikely moniker for the device. Apple usually updates its flagship handset range in the third quarter of the calendar year, or early in the fourth quarter, and there is certainly no reason to believe that Apple will push the iPhone 7 so drastically forward.

No-one is quite sure what to expect from the iPhone 6C as of yet, but recent reports have suggested that the smaller four-inch model of the iconic smartphone series will feature an A9 processor and Apple Pay support.


One interesting morsel of information that has come to light recently is that Apple is apparently considering five prototype designs for the iPhone 7. It is suggested that the iPhone 6C could possibly act as a dummy run for the later iPhone 7, with Apple likely to move away from the colorful plasticky feel that its more affordable devices have sported previously. The candy-colored polycarbonate iPhone 5C was a popular device, but many analysts have suggested that Apple will ditch this ethos when the iPhone 6C is released.

However, with many soothsayers predicting that Apple could completely eliminate the Home button in future iPhone releases, one shouldn’y necessarily expect this with the iPhone 6C. This radical design decision will be reliant on the 3D Touch technology that was introduced this year, but the iPhone 6C is unlikely to benefit from it this system.


It is generally believed that Apple could include a sapphire display in the iPhone 6C, and this would be a precursor to introducing the technology in its flagship range as well. Apple has been perpetually linked with sapphire glass in the iPhone series for some time, with many analysts expecting it to have been introduced before now.

The notion that the iPhone 6C could launch alongside the Apple Watch would also makes this even more logical, as the existing Apple Watch display already benefited from sapphire glass. With the Apple Watch expected to continue with the OLED technology which was utilized in the first Apple smartwatch, it is possible that this could also debut in the iPhone 6C.

In terms of screen resolution, it is generally predicted that Apple will match the pixel count from the iPhone 6S smartphone model. This would mean a pixel capability of 1,334 x 750, although the iPhone 6C would be able to deliver a larger pixel per inch quotient than the full-size smartphone.


The iPhone 6C will unquestionably become an entry-level device for Apple once it is released, so it is therefore reasonable to assume that it will not feature state-of-the-art specs. Apple will update the four-inch handset from previous affordable Apple devices, though, with the expectation that the corporation will source the A8 chip included in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As mentioned previously, it will also be essential for Apple to include Apple Pay functionality in this smartphone, as the mobile payment marketplace continues to grow. This will require the inclusion of NFC technology, which was previously excluded from the iPhone 5S.

The camera in the iPhone 6C has been linked with similar specs to the recent iPhone 6S. This would mean a rather useful 8-megapixel model, although we should perhaps not expect the optical image stabilization that was found in last year’s iPhone 6S Plus.

Storage is likely to be kept relatively small, with a 64 GB version of the iPhone 6C considered to be a long shot. Instead, the iPhone 6C is likely to launch in 16 GB and 32 GB capacities, with 2 GB of RAM a predicted memory quotient. Apple will also ensure outstanding 4G LTE coverage, particularly with Apple Pay in mind.


This will be a critical aspect of the iPhone 6C, with Apple needing to carefully assess the market conditions before setting the price point of this device. Apple has dropped its traditional model to the entry-level iPhone over the last couple of years, but he could be tempted to set the pricing for the iPhone 6C at a higher level than previous releases. With this being a new device, there could be pressure on the corporation to recover costs via consumer revenue.

On the other hand, other affordable smartphones such as the Motorola Moto G are pitched at very competitive prices, and Apple must bear in mind that the iPhone 6C will effectively have to compete with such handsets. This is to be a populist smartphone, and thus will have to be set at a mass-market price. So perhaps expect the iPhone 6C to retail at under $350.

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