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$300 Food Tax Rebate from Colorado: What’s the Deadline and How to Apply?

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Some Colorado residents will soon be able to get a rebate of around $300, but for that, they need to apply before the June 30 deadline. The food tax rebate from Colorado is specifically for low-income Colorado residents and it aims to expand financial support to boost economic stability in the community.

Food tax rebate from Colorado: who will get it?

Boulder, Colorado authorities started accepting applications for the food tax rebate program on March 1. The program launched on February 15 aims to help residents pay for surging food prices. With inflation still high, many people are struggling to pay for necessities like groceries.

To qualify for the food tax rebate, a person must be 62 years or older for the entire year of 2023, have a disability condition, or have a child under 18 years in 2023. Also, the applicant needs to be a resident of Boulder for the entire year of 2023 to qualify for the rebate.  

Those who don’t have permanent shelter may also qualify for the rebate provided they offer documents to support that they are receiving services from a city-recognized homelessness services agency.

Additionally, an applicant needs to meet income requirements. For instance, the threshold income for an individual is up to $46,500; for a family of two it is $50,150; for a family of three it is $59,800; for a family of four it is $66,400, while for a family of eight it is $87,650.

Applicants must use the income figure from their 2023 federal tax form. If an applicant is not required to file a tax return, they need to use the total income from all sources. Eligible individuals will get $104 in food tax rebate from Colorado, while a household with one or more members will get up to $318.

Application for the food tax rebate from Colorado is available on the city’s website. Those who received the rebate last year will likely receive this year’s application in the mail. Applications, including documentation, sent after the deadline won’t be accepted.

Not a new program

The food tax rebate from Colorado isn’t new. It has been in existence since 1967. In 2023, the city approved 1,093 applications (out of approximately 1,200 received), including 679 from seniors, 267 from families, and the rest from people with disabilities.

“Boulder has operated the Food Tax Rebate program since 1967 to help lessen the financial burden on lower income community members for city sales tax paid on food items,” the program’s website says.

For more details on the food tax rebate program, email [email protected], or call 303-441-4261.

Separately, the city is also looking for volunteers to assist with the Food Tax Rebate program. The volunteer will work for 5 hours a week and help the authorities in processing applications, as well as provide office support.