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Piaggio – The Original Disrupter

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Take a quick holiday with two patriots in Roma, as we review the investment case for Piaggio (PIA IM). Not only did the Vespa begin the scooter revolution, but it set people free and democratized personal mobility. Seven decades later, it remains the original disrupter, untouchable by any silicon valley concoction. Join two Americans in Rome for a scooter tour and quick lesson on one of our favorite stocks.

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A big thank you goes out to our friends at scooteroma.com who let us share this fun experience!

We’re now including a chart set with the video, so you can easily reference the statistics we speak about below. Enjoy!

Zero Wage Expansion Is A Result Of Technology And Over-Financialization

Piaggio: The Original Disrupter

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Chart Set

Exhibit 1: Italian Sales Decline

Exhibit 2: Piaggio’s Highly Leveraged Cost Structure

Exhibit 3: Average Age of 2-Wheelers In Italy

Exhibit 4: Prior Recoveries in Italian Scooter Sales

Exhibit 5: Average All-In Transport Costs per Day

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