Slick Stock Screener And Updated Economic Data




This is a really great widget/ Stock Screener out friends at TradingView put together. You can find updated info on any stock. But it not only has stocks if you click on AAPL and look under the menu it has a ton of other useful data. See Economics to get lots of economic data from FRED, The World Bank and other resources. For those into Bitcoin there are a bunch of tools that track the crypto currency. There is a huge amount of indices including international ones for those interested in that. Finally, for the screener you can take a look at Forex, futures, CFDs, etc caveat emptor.

You can also make your own stock watchlist and track your favorite securities. Check it out above.

Stock Screener

Stock Screener

Here is how Trading Mentality describes TradingView

TradingView Inc. is still young in age, as it was founded in 2011. They offer users some of the most vivid and visually rich real-time stocks, futures and currency charts available, with the ability to insert countless indicators, using a large list of chart tools… allowing you to conduct thorough technical analysis. There is no need for powerful computers, as their servers do all the hard work.

Many traders have just one station where they analyze charts, perhaps a trading desk that has their favorite platform or software installed on it. What sets TradingView apart from the rest is that it was developed using HTML5, meaning that it will run great on any (updated to current) browser, regardless of your operating system. No need to install anything. The entire experience is web-based. Simply put, it will operate whether on your computer, laptop, tablet, Smart TV or phone (the bigger the screen, the better the experience). An updated version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox is all you need. You can be in one room on your desktop, get up and walk outside with a laptop/tablet, and even leave the house all together and still be able to chart on your phone.