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Monday, June 14, 2021
Robert Zuccaro

One Of The Original Quants Has Still Not Lost His Touch With A 121%...

Robert Zuccaro has been using quantitative investing strategies since before quant funds existed. In fact, he started one of the earliest quant funds at...
apply for the scholarship Virtual investor conference

Stock ideas for 2021 with John Buckingham of Kovitz Capital

ValueWalk will host a webinar with John Buckingham of Kovitz Capital on Feb. 23 at 12 p.m. Eastern. He will talk about seven themes...
Gabriel Grego Penumbra Inc

Gabriel Grego, Police Investigator Among Short Sellers [In-Depth Profile]

Gabriel Grego, an acclaimed investigative analyst from Quintessential Capital Management, has claimed another victory for short-sellers around the world. This time around, it was...
Joel Greenblatt Value Investing

Exclusive Interview: Joel Greenblatt Tells ValueWalk What’s Wrong With Value Investing

Legendary value investor and college professor Joel Greenblatt of Gotham Asset Management has a new book coming out called Common Sense. He sat down...
CleanSpark eXp World Holdings

White Diamond presents short thesis for eXp World Holdings

ValueWalk's fourth Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference is in the books, and one of the presentations during the conference was from researchers at White Diamond...
top 10 worst short calls

These are the top 10 worst short calls of the last five years

The last five years have been difficult ones for short sellers, so let's take a look at the top 10 worst short calls. Despite...
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Short thesis for Patterson Companies from Bucephalus Research

ValueWalk is preparing for its fourth Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference in partnership with the Contrarian Investor Podcast and Breakout Point. We've got an excellent...
CleanSpark eXp World Holdings

White Diamond Research to present new short idea

ValueWalk is getting ready for its fourth Contrarian Investor Virtual Conference set for Oct. 22 at 9 a.m. Eastern in partnership with the Contrarian...
Reddit bubble Dan Loeb Intel Q2 Growth Opportunities Nestle Dan Loeb ashley madison Daniel Loeb third point capital hedge fund manager activist investor poison pen activism Yahoo corporate governance famous investors

Loeb Goes On Hiring Spree As He Sees Opportunity In Private Tech: Q3 Letter

From Dan Loeb's Q3 letter to investors. See much more exclusive Q3 hedge fund coverage here. Dear Investor: During the Third Quarter, Third Point returned 11.7% in...
financial influencers News Sentiment Data Best financial news aggregators

Could News Sentiment Data Have Helped Schwager’s Wizards Trade Even Better?

As books about trading go, Market Wizards is up there with the likes of Benjamin Graham’s ‘Intelligent Investor’ or Edwin Lefevre’s ‘Reminiscences’: in a...
Investor Confidence Europe Top, Europe Stock, Mutual Funds

This New Activist Fund Is Shaking Up Europe

Bluebell Capital Partners was up 1% year to date at the end of August, versus the STOXX Europe 600, which has returned -11.3%. The...
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2020 Morningstar Investment Conference Highlights: Michael Mauboussin, Larry Fink, Vanguard, And Much More

The following is ValueWalk's coverage of the 2020 Morningstar Investment Conference held on September 16th through 17th. The Morningstar Investment Conference has brought together...
Tail Risk Funds tail risk hedges strategies tail risk funds work

What Are Tail Risk Funds? New Investor Study Explains

We have just finished our newest investor study on tail risk funds. You can see an excerpt below (full booklet). Tail risk funds represent a...
Most Prolific Activist Short Sellers

Most prolific short sellers amid COVID and the rise of Robinhood traders

Here we take a look at the most prolific activist short sellers in the first half of 2020. They have targeted stocks hyped up by traders
Business Design why sell a business Profitable Business buy business Equity Business

Looking to buy a business? Here’s everything you must consider

Are you looking to buy a business? Or did you lose a job and have found that the prospects of getting another similar one...