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Clarifying The Doubts Of Cloud Helping Or Hurting SEO

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Cloud computing is in vogue now but most of the business owners doubt whether hosting service providers have their website in the cloud will help or hurt their SEO. If you too doubt the same then you will need to first know the technical side of SEO that includes search engine rankings and website hosting.

The factors that make modern cloud solutions so popular are:

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  • It is effective
  • It is economical
  • Additionally, provides with a lot of benefits
  • It is secure
  • It is highly performance driven and most importantly
  • Finally, it helps in the SEO.

Yes, it does. This is because cloud hosting will never let your site go down on its speed and there will be no downtime. Since there are several different servers available in one single platform, you and your users as well as the different search engines will have easy and anytime access to your site. This is what SEO needs to be and this is what will assure high ranks in the result pages of any search engines.

However, there is still some difference in opinions regarding the benefits and usage of cloud computing, especially in New York SEO Services.

  • Most people think that cloud setups are best suited only for file storage and for running a few specific applications.
  • These people are often hesitant to use cloud website hosting.

However, in this increasingly competitive digital world, website hosting is the most important and fundamental aspect that can either empower SEO efforts if used properly or weaken your SEO tactics if you do not know exactly how to use it for your beneficial purposes.

Difference between the two approaches

When it comes to web hosting, you can either rely on cloud hosting or go for the more traditional physical web hosting. However, there is a significant difference between these two approaches and that is certainly not limited to the significant and characteristic benefits of each.

When it comes to SEO, one of the top-ranking factors is the technical issues. Typically, all digital information uses a physical server somewhere to run and operate. However, businesses can pay for as few specific elements of control especially in the managed or dedicated server environments. These companies may pay for exclusive use of:

  • One specific or a set of servers for hosting their websites
  • An in-house technical support
  • Security installations and
  • The power to choose operating systems.

On the other hand, in a cloud hosting setup, the service providers will typically manage different accounts across a large set of servers. They will move different resources to address the need for proper flow of information on an as-needed basis.

This type of setup will offer benefits such as:

  • Optimized resource allocation
  • Minimized server downtimes
  • Maximized website speeds and several other advantages.

However, if you choose to use cloud hosting, you may not be able to dictate the operating systems and processes or the server security protocols and other specifics of this arrangement, but you will be surely able to retain your SEO rankings which is your primary objective of such an effort.

  • Typically, the cloud hosting service providers are incentivized to provide you with more reliability and strong security over time
  • They will provide high customer experiences that will affect your business and search traffic both in a positive manner
  • Cloud hosting is highly and more easily scalable and most importantly
  • It will offer you with a more cost-effective experience since it does not require any onsite support or infrastructure.

Cloud hosting is unique a service that has the power to address the varied needs of different businesses.

If you understand these differences in hosting experiences provided by each webhosting service providers it will act as a solid foundation that will make your SEO campaign stronger and further effective. It will help you to control the technical components of your site that are the most important elements and factors that can enhance both the user experience as well as the search engine rankings.

A Few SEO considerations

There are a few SEO considerations that you need to make for availing cloud hosting services so that it is easier for you to create better SEO strategies and layers of performance that will help you to make a better and long-lasting impression and presence online.

Each of the SEO tactic that you create and follow should ideally build upon one another and it all starts with the website. While creating your website, you must make sure that you:

  • Produce incredible and informative content
  • Optimize the metadata on each web page for the mobile users and better search results and
  • Use great and impressive imagery.

However, all these still may not produce the SEO results and rankings as you expect if you do not consider other factors such as the site load time and several other technical issues. This will frustrate your users and will in turn affect your SEO.

Different effects in the outcome of hosting service providers

Ideally, the host you choose for your website will affect the SEO outcomes in many different ways but when you choose cloud hosting, it will affect it in the most positive ways. However, there are a few downsides to it that you should also consider.

Cloud hosting environments will increase the vulnerability of your site invariably to security threats such as malware and large DDOS. This will eventually result in the denial of service fearing attacks targeted at the hosting service providers. That means you will need to vet the web hosting service providers for security management.

In order to meet with the security concerns that every website hosting setup has, you must ensure and focus on proactive cybersecurity management. This will ensure that:

  • You get peace of mind
  • And you earn the trust of visitors to your site and
  • You avoid SEO penalties.

However, in cloud-hosted environments the servers exist in different locations and countries. This will reduce the threats and improve location relevancy. In turn, it will affect your SEO results and search engine rankings since you will have the advantage of uptime and speed enabling your site to stay active and fast always.

Article by Andrew Russell

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