Top 10 things you should never Google. You’ve been warned

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Google gives you instant access to almost all the world’s information. But just because you can search for anything doesn’t mean you should.

Google has become an integral part of our lives, thanks to the explosive growth in mobile searches. But there are tons and tons of things you should never Google.

They range from weird photos, scary videos, bizarre facts, and your own insecurities. These are the top 10 things you should never Google.

Some terms sound innocent but the search results for them could be explicit or disturbing. You could be served horrific imagery or you could land on one of the disgusting websites.

It’s often advisable to keep the Safe Search function enabled.

10- Smoker’s lungs

It’s no secret that smoking is harmful to your health, especially your lungs. Searching for ‘Smoker’s lungs’ delivers pictures of normal lungs next to the smoker’s lungs. The pictures will instantly make you feel like vomiting.

But if you are a heavy smoker who has been trying to quit for years, a look at the pictures of the smoker’s lungs might just do the trick.

9- Mr. Hands

‘Mr. Hands’ might sound like a sci-fi character, but don’t be tempted to search for it on Google. Mr. Hands is the name of a former Boeing engineer named Kenneth Pinyan, who died in 2005. The search results could include the video of Pinyan having sex with a horse.

Kenneth Pinyan died after receiving anal sex from the horse, which severely perforated his colon. After the incident which was videotaped by Pinyan’s friend, the state of Washington passed a bill prohibiting sex with animals.

8- Blue Waffle

If you have turned on Safe Search, you’ll get pictures of blue-colored waffles and blueberry waffles. But when you search for ‘Blue Waffle’ with Safe Search disabled, the results will include graphic images of severe vaginal infections.

About a decade ago, a hoax called ‘blue waffle disease’ surfaced on the Internet, which caused millions of people to believe that it was a sexually transmitted disease.

7- Dangerous animals

Searching for images of dangerous animals on Google is not for the faint of heart. Pictures of snakes, crocodiles, golden poison frogs, and other animals could give you a new phobia.

They could even scare you off going out and exploring the world.

6- Your favorite food

This is one of the things you should never Google. Looking at the yummy pictures of your favorite food will only make you hungry.

Some people have this habit of Googling their favorite food followed by the word ‘Cancer.’ If you do this, you’ll likely come across at least one search result that links your favorite food with cancer. We don’t want you to start panicking.

5- Your deepest insecurities

They say Google and Facebook know more about you than you know about yourself. Searching for your deep insecurities will provide Google and its advertisers with more information on you.

Armed with more information, they capitalize on your insecurities to sell you products and services. It might not seem like a big deal. But seeing ads all over the Internet of things that make you feel bad about yourself is not a good thing.

4- Your own name and email

Are you curious to know all the things and activities you are linked to online? It’s cool. But searching for your own name and email could yield some upsetting results such as irrelevant content, outdated information, ugly pictures, sold accounts, password leaks, and more.

If you want to check whether your email has been compromised in a data breach, go to and enter your email to find out.

3- Medical or drug information

Google claims to prohibit advertisers from showing you ads based on sensitive information such as your religious beliefs and health information. But Google doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to user safety and privacy.

It still records your search results, links them with your Google account or IP address, and shows you ads across its products and services. Several experts have found that searching for medical and drug information on Google poses a serious threat to your privacy.

2- Your symptoms

If you have an illness, go to a real doctor instead of relying on information from Google. Some people spend hours and hours researching their symptoms to convince themselves that they have cancer or some other rare disease.

You’ll get a much better diagnosis by visiting a doctor. Your cold might just be cold, nothing serious.

1- Suspicious terms

You might get in serious trouble if you search for suspicious terms like ‘how to make amphetamines’ or ‘how to make a bomb.’ It doesn’t matter whether you are just a curious teenager trying to expand their knowledge, with no evil intentions.

The security and drug control services keep a tab on searches for suspicious terms. A few years ago, one member of a New York family searched for the term “pressure cooker bomb”, and another member of the same family searched for “backpack.” And soon, they had local authorities knocking on their door.

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