Nintendo Switch Controllers All Have a Secret Hidden Power Button

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The Nintendo Switch, that portable console hybrid that almost everyone who owns one loves, is a quirky little games machine. So quirky in fact, that the Japanese giant has hidden features all over it. Now, if that doesn’t come as a surprise to you, this will, there are hidden power buttons on both Joy Con and Pro controllers!

Nintendo Switch Hidden Bits

Why doesn’t Nintendo mention this power button option in its literature? Apparently, the approach of “Not Telling You” is a pretty standard one from the company. Instead, of detailing every nook and cranny of its devices, it prefers not to waste your time. Seriously, there’s not even a tutorial, you just get the basics, and that’s about it.

From then on in, your are left on your own to discover all of the Switch’s hidden bits and bobs, and that includes official accessories.

Controllers and the Power Button

Does the fact that your Pro, or Joy Con controllers sit there after you’ve finished using them, still consuming power irritate you? Unlike the older Wii controllers, Nintendo in its infinite wisdom chose not to allow them to switch off. Why? After all, this means regular charging is in order, and if you’re an avid green save the earth type, maybe this approach is infuriating.

Fortunately, there is a solution, just power them off, yes, you read that correctly, we said power them off. Now, as luck would have it, this doesn’t mean pull the otherwise unremovable batteries. Instead, you just have to press the power button.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, wait a minute, “There isn’t one?”. The problem here is, Nintendo’s approach to information sharing isn’t great, especially when it comes to the part of conserving power. As it turns out, both the Pro and the Joy Con controllers have a power button. The reason you’ve not realized that, is because, it’s hidden, meaning the sync-button has a dual purpose. You can use it to power down your controllers immediately, so no more power wastage.

Why the Secrecy?

Why isn’t everything that needs to be known about the basic operation of the Nintendo Switch, appear in the literature? Surely, the fact that you can switch off the controllers is an essential operation? Maybe the reason is, Nintendo saw this a way to avoid you accidently hitting the button, but that doesn’t make sense. On the Pro and Joy Con controllers, the sync/power button is recessed, meaning you probably couldn’t hit it by mistake anyway.

Now, it pretty obvious that there will be those savvy Nintendo Switch owners who had already figured this out. But, for those who haven’t so far, this may come as a pleasant surprise.

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