Nintendo Has A ‘Simple Fix’ For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issue

Nintendo Has A ‘Simple Fix’ For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issue

The Nintendo Switch release was a success, but there are some issues with the hardware. Several reviewers reported a problem with the left Joy-Con controller, which repeatedly loses connection with the system in the middle of a game.

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Simple fix for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con issue

The Nintendo Switch online troubleshooting guide advises users facing Joy-Con issues to ensure that their systems are not located behind TVs or near laptops, aquariums, microwaves, or USB 3.0-compatible devices. The guide also recommends that users turn off other wireless devices that are nearby and ensure that the console is not near another source of interference like being “pressed against a large amount of wires and cords.”

For users still facing issues, many suggested that adding a simple piece of wire appeared to increase its effective range greatly. Now Nintendo has acknowledged the issue, although in a statement to Kotaku, it said there is no design issue with the Joy-Con controllers and no widespread proactive replacement or repair effort is underway.

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“We have determined a simple fix can be made to any affected Joy-Con to improve connectivity,” the company said.

According to a CNET writer who got back the Joy-Con in working condition after sending it in for repair, the “simple fix” is a piece of conductive foam placed on the casing.

Manufacturing variation to blame

Nintendo said a manufacturing variation is responsible for the wireless interference with many left Joy-Con controllers. The gaming company is now offering a fix to users who contact its customer support line. The gaming company adds that consumers can send their controller in if a repair is necessary. The Japanese firm notes that repair is free of charge, and the user can expect the return of their device within a week, although the gaming giant notes that repair timing may vary by region.

Nintendo also ensured that there will be no more issues related to the same problem in the future because they have addressed it at the factory level. Ars Technica notes that the gaming giant could already be selling redesigned and fixed Joy-Con controllers in stores now.

The gaming company said in a statement to CNET that there are not “widespread technical” issues with the Switch hardware. It also told BGR that the number of replacement or repair requests for the Nintendo Switch is similar to what it has encountered with its other devices.

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