Xbox Project Scorprio Is More Powerful, But PS4 Pro Will Be Victorious

Xbox Project Scorprio Is More Powerful, But PS4 Pro Will Be Victorious

Thanks to Microsoft’s recent reveal of its Xbox Project Scorpio specs, it’s now clear that the rumors prior to the announcement were correct. The Scorpio will indeed be more powerful than the Xbox One S, and also the current powerhouse that is the PS4 Pro. Meaning, that some now believe, Sony’s days of dominating the console gaming world could soon be over. After all, if Microsoft’s next games machine is that good, why would anyone want a Playstation?

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Xbox Project Scorpio Vs. PS4 Pro

A question with an easy answer, you would be wrong for looking at it that way. Yes, Scorpio will be the undisputed king of performance power. However, is that all that matters? The answer is No, and if you want proof, just look at past failed gaming machines, such as the Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast and others. The following are the reasons why we and others think Sony’s PS4 Pro, will see off the challenge of Xbox Project Scorpio.

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Scorpio Asking Price

Whether your machine is unique, or the most powerful, the important metric first considered by consumers is cost. So, the fact, that Microsoft‘s Phil Spencer has repeatedly referred to Scorpio as a premium device, could be enough to scare people away. In fact, the price according to industry insiders could reach as high as $500 USD. Meaning it would be the most expensive stand-alone console on the market.

However, in its favor, consumers have long been accustomed to paying higher prices for perceived superior technology. You only have to look to Apple and its iPhones for proof that $500 for the best may not be too much to ask.

Now, it is worth noting that when the Xbox One first launched it cost $500, although it was bundled with the Kinect. As for Xbox Project Scorpio, it won’t have such an accessory, but, it will offer real enhancements. Such as native 4K gaming, six teraflops of computing power, built-in UHD player, and backward game compatibility.

In comparison, the PS4 Pro costs $400, which at a possible $100 less than the Scorpio, makes it an easy choice. One that would leave enough cash for a game or two, which is the next sticking point.


While games running on the PS4 will undoubtedly look better on the Scorpio, what really makes a console standout is exclusives. They are the kind of game you don’t see on a rival device, with the Xbox One having the Halo, Forza Motorosports franchises and a few more.

However, Microsoft has a problem, and that is a dwindling amount of exclusive titles for its current consoles. ON the other hand Sony and its PS4 Pro will be getting titles such as Gravity Rush 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh among many others. As for what can be expected for the Xbox Project Scorpio, it doesn’t look promising!

At this moment in time, the only announced exclusively for 2017 is Forza Motorsport 7. Other previously rumored titles like Cuphead, Crackdown 3, and Sea of Thieves are yet to get release dates.

Now, this begs the question, will the lack of exclusive titles prevent the Xbox Project Scorpio from selling well? Probably not, after all, it will still have a large array of third-party titles for consumers to choose from. After all, some developers will take advantage of the consoles superior processing power and 4K abilities to create gorgeous ports. However, not all will, which means, some games will possibly look no better than they do on the PS4 Pro. Which again would beg the question, why buy the console?

PS4 Pro Bundles

Marketing rights when it comes to bundling games with consoles it a big earner for both console manufacturers. However, Sony has the upper hand, with Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WWII, and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 bundles coming to PS4 Pro. Yes, these titles will be available on the Scorpio; however, they will have the illusion of exclusives on the PS4 Pro due to the marketing they will receive. All of which will drive sales towards Sony’s device, not Microsoft’s.

Final Thoughts

While this is not a definitive list of reasons why the PS4 Pro will beat the Xbox Project Scorpio. Right now it does feel as though Sony has the upper hand. Yes, there’s no doubt that Scorpio will be more powerful, but there remain a lot of questions to be answered. Especially, where Microsoft has decided not to split its fan base, meaning there will be a lack of Scorpio only titles.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the strongest doesn’t always win, in most previous generations the weaker has won. For instance, the Nintendo Wii was less powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PS3, yet it dominated that generation.

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  1. This article hit the nail on the head. All you xboners are just mad because you know when xbox scorpion drops sony will release a newer spec’d up ps4 super pro lol. Sony didn’t announce the pro until a week before launch.. Microsales I mean soft will have to bury it’s head in the sand again because they like to brag too much. Watch and see ;)

  2. Sony will win the generation but the Xbox Scorpio gamers will have the best performance on the most popular games.
    I’m gaming 95 percent of games coming out on Scorpio and pc. I will still use my ps4 but only for its exclusives since everything else will be inferior to what Xbox is offering.

  3. I would like to point out that the original ps3 was priced at about $1000 aus dollars, but for serious gamers it will always come down to what there friends play, then performance does come into it because there is nothing that annoys a gamer more than lag of getting dropped out if a game at a crucial moment. With gaming going into vr and 4k, performance will be a crucial part of that. Lets be honest though, these machines are so far behind pc that they could be a hell of a lot better. With each generation, they both produce a machone practically the same on the inside. So personally i think it will come down to what each persons gamer friends are going to be buying, games are much better with friends online. Just for the record i used to have playstations up to ps3, but after 3 playstations where the blue ray drive burned out of, went to xbox one, never had any major issues that wasn’t a quick fix. Had one xbox for the same length of time and it is only just starting to show wear and tear now.

  4. Darren this has got to be the worst article I’ve ever read on the scorpio vs ps4 pro comparison. God have mercy on your soul.

  5. Backward compatibility trumps nothing. It’s the ability to play old games at the old quality. If you’re happy playing last gen quality, fill your boots and have a blast, but PS4 gamers have moved on and expect better quality. That’s why classics are remastered on PS4 to bring them up to the quality we expect.

    Unlike classic gameplay, game graphics do not age well. Quality is worth paying for as long as it’s within reason. The remasters are cheap and include all the DLC free. I played the Uncharted Trilogy for less than the cost of a AAA game and all three games are better than most new games.

    But exclusives are over rated because we play more 3rd party multiplats than anything else. It does not matter that Uncharted 4, The Last Of Us or Horizon Zero Dawn are exclusives. What matters is that they are some of the best games ever made on any system. That is your motivation for playing them, not just because they are exclusive.

  6. The article just highlights valid facts that point in a certain direction. If you don’t want to hear where they lead, don’t read it. Just bury your head in the sand and buy yourself an XB Scorpio. It will be a great game console. You will have a blast. Just don’t expect everyone else to do the same because we’re having a blast on the PS4 Pro 12 months before you and at a cheaper price.

    The console war was never about whether the PS4 is more powerful than the XB1, it was about the XB1 not being powerful enough to do it’s job in a 1080p world. PS4 just did the business so gamers bought it.

    I cannot complain about the quality of the PS4 Pro. No shimmering details and no screen tear. It’s a stable image with a perfectly acceptable frame rate. It’s not coming up short like the XB1 was at 900p in a 1080p generation. The XB1 had no such tech to help it so it got shunned by the majority of gamers.

    PS4 Pro can fill a 4K screen with a very impressive image due to really smart upscaling tech and looks fantastic on my 1080p screen. PS4 Pro really is the only place to play Ghost Recon Wildlands if you want stable graphics with full immersion. The XB1 had no such tech to help it so it got shunned by the majority of gamers.

    Just because something better comes out does not making everything else crap. A great games console will always be a great games console, no matter how powerful Scorpio is.

    The real problem will be 2 years after the XB Scorpio releases, when the PS5 comes out. By then the mass market will be on 4K TV’s and PS5 will be doing native 4K 60fps on all games with perfect frame pacing and eyes candy turned to max. XB Scorpio will then be in the same position as the XB1 coming up short in the 4K TV gen.

    The XB Scorpio arrive too late for the 1080p gen and too early for the 4K gen because most gamers are still on 1080p TV’s. That’s the reality, Call me names if you want but that does not alter anything.

  7. Let’s debunk one myth. You cannot compare game consoles with iPhones and deduct that gamers will be willing to spend $500 once a year. The two markets are totally different. The iphone market has a large proportion of financially well off customers such as business people and professionals, whereas the mass market of gamers are just ordinary people working to a tight family budget.

  8. Michael, there’s absolutely no bias intended, like you, I am excited to see what titles Microsoft offers with the Scorpio. However, right now, its silence on this is causing negative speculation.

  9. Thanks for bashing the article Pete, however, I can assure you I am not a PS4 fan, in fact, I’m neither, this is a purely speculative piece.

  10. seriously. this article is dripping with recency bias as well. Sony JUST put out some good exclusives in succession, but what about the 3 years prior? Great Sony exclusives were a once a year thing. Every Sonytard is going nuts talking about exclusives, and power doesn’t matter, but that argument was the SAME ONE THEY USED when Microsoft was dropping exclusive after exclusive after exclusive while Sony had nothing but Bloodborne and a remastered The Last Of Us to lean on. It’s ridiculous.
    I have no doubt Microsoft has more than just Crackdown, Sea Of Thieves, and Cuphead up their sleeves. Wait until E3 when they showcase the power of Scorpio along with some nice unannounced exclusives, I guarantee preorders will be through the damn roof.

  11. Sh*t article from a PS4 fan as its all speculative info on the scorpiio as price etc has not been released yet. They dont mention the that the PS4 has no 4K bly ray drive and also cannot give true 4k without upscaling, the scorpio has both on its side

  12. I want my favorite games to look even BETTER! When my PS3 died, I had no choice, but to walk away from Sony. My games were rendered useless. If my Xbox One dies, I want to know my bought and paid for games didn’t die with it.

  13. PS1 less powerful than N64 – PS1 vastly outsells N64
    PS2 less powerful than XB & GC – PS2 vastly outsells both
    Wii less powerful than PS3 & 360 – Wii vastly outsells both
    WiiU & XB1 less powerful than PS4 – PS4 vastly outsells both *

    This present gen is the only recent gen where the most powerful console sold more, as of right now anyway. It will be up for debate which console was the most powerful once XB1 Scorpio takes the power crown away from PS4 and Pro.
    The reason PS4 is way ahead is because the WiiU & XB1 were poor attempts at a next gen console and were both marketed very poorly. To make matters worse, the PS4 was the perfect balance of performance vs price, quite reminiscent of the PS2 era, which isn’t surprising considering PS4 is selling even faster than the PS2 did, the all time console sales king.

  14. Power almost always tips the scale in console wars – especially when 95% of the library is the same. The extra 5% of exclusive games doesn’t make up for people wanting the most powerful hardware. This is why Ps4 is ahead.

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