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How To Record Snapchat Video Hands-Free On iPhone

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As far as social networks go, Snapchat, was up until Facebook started to incorporate similar features into its system, rather unique. While, historically, the images and video you capture remain visible for a short space of time, it has millions of users. Users, who like to shoot short Snapchat video, showing pranks, or them with their favorite pets. However, what if there was a way to make the process hands-free via an iPhone? Today, we’re going to explain how to do just that, read on for the how-to.

Snapchat Video and TouchAssist

There’s no doubt that sometimes having to press and hold the apps screen to capture a Snapchat video is a little irritating. Some users have long complained that it removes that spur of the moment capture. And as such, stifles the creativity of those creative people.

Fortunately, buried, not too far within the settings of iOS 10, is a setting called AssitiveTouch, which removes that complication. The following tutorial will show you how to set up an Action Gesture using AssitiveTouch. Ultimately leading to you being able to capture Snapchat video hands-free.

How To Setup Hands-Free Snapchat Video on iPhone

To start with, make sure you have the very latest version of the Snapchat app, and iOS 10 installed on your device. Now, these are not requirements; instead, they should just be viewed as preferences or options. However, with the latest of at least, the app installed you can’t go wrong.

Here we go..snapchat video hands-free on iPhone and assistivetouch

1. Firstly you will need to enable AssistiveTouch on your iPhone. To do that, go to Settings >> Accessibility. Followed by scrolling down until you find it, then Tap It.

How to snapchat video hands free on iPhone and assistivetouch toggle

2. Once you have completed the above tap the AssistiveTouch Toggle so that it Turns Green.

How to snapchat video hands free on iPhone and create gesture

3. Next, on the same settings page, scroll down to Create New Gesture and then Tap it</em.

How to snapchat video hands free on iPhone setup gesture control

4. On the next screen you need to Press and Hold the Screen, while doing so you will see a blue line move across the screen. Keep Pressing it until it fills the width of the screen.

5. Once the above happens, Release Your Finger and tap Save after Giving it a Name. It can be found in the Top Right-Hand Corner of the screen.

launch app for snapchat video on iPhone

6. Next, with the previous step completed, go to your iPhone’s Home Screen and Launch Snapchat. At this point, you need the apps main camera functionality, this where you will need to find the Custon Gesture you created.

To do that, Tap the AssistiveTouch Virtual Home Button. Doing so will reveal its menu, next tap Custom.

7. Next you need to select your Custom Gesture, once done, a semi-transparent circle will appear. If you Drag It to the capture button, it will enable you to shoot Snapchat video handsfree on your iPhone.

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