Galaxy Note 10 Photos Pop Up On The Web Giving Us More Details

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A report from Redmond Pie states that Samsung’s next generation flagship phone has been spotted in images on the web. The alleged Galaxy Note 10 photos reveal a sleek device that is attractive and feature rich. The new phone will not officially be revealed until August 7th at an invitation event.

Galaxy Note 10 Photos

There isn’t a whole lot of concrete information on the features of the new phone from Samsung. However, we do know that it will have a stylus and 5G capabilities. The Galaxy Note 10 photos are definitely attractive, as the device has a smooth finish and large display. WinFuture’s Roland Quandt and My SmartPrice’s Ishan Agarwal posted the images and these pictures have caused quite a stir in the tech community.

What We See

As we have previously reported, the Galaxy Note 10 photos reveal a three camera unit on the back and a hole punch front facing lens. The display is surrounded by thin bezels, giving the device a sleek appearance. One item that is not visible is the fingerprint sensor. While it is possible this will be concealed under the power button, it is more likely to be embedded beneath the glass of the display itself. Another feature that is notably missing in the Galaxy Note 10 photos is the 3.5mm headphone jack. Samsung is moving away from that audio connection in favor of the USB-C connector that is quickly becoming the industry standard. The pictures do not necessarily confirm the jack is missing, as it could be in an area we cannot clearly see, but the odds are that Samsung is making the transition to the popular USB-C connection.

What We Know

The Galaxy Note 10 photos are not as revealing as we might have hoped. However, they do give us a good look at what Samsung has in store for its fans in August. The Galaxy Watch 2 may also be launched at the same event next month, and we also expect an announcement regarding the Galaxy Tab S6 around the same time. There will likely be more leaks regarding each of these devices before they actually launch, so we will keep watching for more information. Please remember to keep in mind that leaks are not always 100% accurate, so don’t be surprised if the final product is a little different from what you see in the images. However, these do give us something to go on at least concerning what the device may look like.

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