Galaxy Note 10 Series Price Leaks Say It Will Retail For $1,000+

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The Galaxy Note 10 series is perhaps the most awaited mobile device the company has ever released. Rumors and leaks have been surfacing for months, and fans are eagerly awaiting the August 7th launch event. Now, price leaks have revealed that the device could sell for more than $1,000 in Europe.

Galaxy Note 10 Series Price Leaks

The Galaxy Note 10 series price leaks are mentioned in a report from TechJuice, which cites Roland Quant of WinFuture, says that the base model phone will list for 999 euros, or 1,126USD. However, the Plus variant will list for 1,149 euros (1,249USD). The phone will be released in a 256GB storage option as the standard size. By comparison the Galaxy S10 Plus comes in a 128GB storage option at the same price point at the Note 10 base model. For the same price you would have twice the amount of internal storage. While you may not need all the functionality the Note 10 offers, you may want to take advantage of extra storage space.

Prices Subject To Change

Remember, these prices have not officially been announced by Samsung, and could be subject to change. Also keep in mind that individual retailers may set prices differently based on their service plans and discount options. However, these Galaxy Note 10 series price leaks do give us a good idea of the range we expect to see the phone fall into when it is officially released.  With the launch date just weeks away we expect more information to surface almost daily about this device, hopefully giving us more details on what to expect.

More Information

Recently leaked photos of the Galaxy Note 10 reveal that previous leaks regarding a vertical rear facing camera unit has been incorporated into the new phone. There is also evidence to suggest that Samsung has ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of a USB-C connector that not only transmits audio, but also provides fast charging capabilities. We have been following the leaks and information surrounding the Galaxy Note 10 for some time now, and it seems Samsung is determined to deliver a high quality phone. The Galaxy Note 10 series price leaks do place the phone in the upper end of the smartphone market, but with a device aimed at working professionals it makes sense. The Note 10 comes packed with apps designed to help busy professionals manage their lives, as well as their business all from a single device. It will be interesting to see if Samsung actually prices the device at the numbers given in the leaks.


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