Does A Customized Landing Page Help You Get More Leads?

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Getting your business to new heights of success is not easy. You can have the best product idea. But, if you are unable to generate leads for it, it will all go to waste. A great way to get leads for your business is to make use of personalization. Yes, personalization does work.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 79 percent of leads never convert into sales. You can imagine how hard you have to work to get enough conversions. Without lead generation, you can’t build a solid customer base, to begin with.

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Personalization calls for altering marketing communication, targeting and your website, etc. to suit the needs of individual customers. It can take your business a long way and boost your business’ lead generation ability.

Does it work?

Personalization of marketing communication, as well as your website, can help boost leads. You might wonder why this is so.

Well, as per HubSpot, more than 74 percent of site visitors get annoyed when the content on the site, including offers and promotions, are irrelevant to their buying patterns.

We live in a world where all the big brands offer personalization. This means that customers expect it from you too. When you don’t provide it to them, they get increasingly frustrated. And this translates to an increase in an abandonment rate of a site.

On the contrary, when delivered with personalized content and experience, visitors are more likely to stay and opt for the service. This is also true for customized marketing.

For instance, let’s say you have an online leather jacket store. If you conduct email marketing, which features personalized promotions (aligned with the visitor’s buying patterns), there is an increased chance that he/she will visit your online store and make the purchase.

Many believe that people are skeptical of personalized content since it showcases just how much data your brand has of customers. It is true that the masses wish for transparency about data use. However, according to Jiiwire, over 62 percent of visitors are actually willing to share their data if it means getting relevant and personalized content!

How does it work?

Now that you know that personalization does help in generating leads, the next question is how it does so. Here are the benefits personalization brings to the table, each of which contributes to lead generation.

It incentivizes customers to take action

Every website and marketing communication has call to actions. But, they don’t always contribute to lead generation or conversion. Why? Because people are different from one another. What one might think of as a strong call to action might not be so for someone else.

This is where personalization comes in. In personalized content, you alter your call to action to suit the needs and wants of the concerned individual. This ensures that whatever marketing communication is presented to the person is relevant to them, thereby boosting their interest in the business.

It puts a strong brand image of your company

You might not consider your brand image to be important when it comes to lead generation. However, it plays a massive role in whether or not your target audience will even consider your business.

Think of it this way. Will you ever purchase goods or service from a company you don’t trust? Or one you don’t think cares about you? Most consumers won’t.

Personalization plays an integral part in shaping the image of your brand. By investing your time and resource in getting to know your target audience and then delivering personalized offers and content to them, you are showcasing your commitment to them.

It shows your target audience that you care as well as listen to your customers. And this is precisely the type of business that people may put their trust in. It doesn’t just help in lead generation. Instead, it also increases the chance of them coming back to your business and converting into profitable customers.

Ways to incorporate personalization to your lead generation strategy

There are various ways in which you can integrate personalization into your business’s lead generation strategy. Here are the most effective methods.

Personalize your email campaigns

There is no better way to deliver personalization than by incorporating it in your email campaign. Something as simple as naming your customer in the salutation can go a long way in creating leads.

However, don’t just end there. Instead, make sure to customize the content to reflect the needs and buying patterns of the audience. For instance, if a given lead is interested in tote bags from your online store, offering discounts on them can help you in converting them into customers.

The whole point is to grab their attention and redirect them to your website quickly. Only then will the lead truly count. And relevant, authentic, and original content can help you in getting people to your site, and even through the various stages of the sales funnel.

Have a customized landing page

Personalization isn’t just related to marketing. You can also customize your website experience. For instance, you can create a personalized landing page that reflects different content, depending on who is viewing it. Have a conversational chatbot to further relate to your site visitors.

Your website can track the various users to understand their preferences and then offer a landing page accordingly. By tailoring the landing page to the interests of your customers, you will effectively increase your conversion rates. And the best part is that with the right tools, creating a customized landing page isn’t a challenging feat, either!

Leverage videos

Moving away from written content, you can make use of videos to generate lead. Considering how the attention span of the masses is decreasing, videos are a great way to grab attention. But, if you personalize them, you can further improve your lead generations.

How can you personalize videos? Simple! Talk about the various concerns of your customers. Give attention to each pain point and highlight how your business aims to address them all.

Our Advice: Personalize and win leads over

All in all, personalization can do wonders for improving lead generation. Integrate it in all the different facets of your business and watch the difference in the number of leads as well as converted customers!

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