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Leave The Search Engine Marketing To The Pros: Important SEO Tips

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If your company is attempting to have any sort of presence in the online world – and it seems nowadays that you can’t hope to successfully run a business without it – you’re likely to have come across issues related to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This particular aspect of making a name for yourself online can seem simple at first – relevant keywords, reputable links, well-structured website – all of these make sense. But look at it closer or try to successfully optimize your website and you’ll soon feel like it’s closer to black magic than anything else.

Keyword optimization alone is no longer enough to build an online presence. There’s a number of interlinked aspects to successfully promoting a brand online and it’s considerably more complex than throwing a website out there, no matter how relevant the content. And even if you think you’re getting it right, the thing about brand-wide SEO – especially when combined with social media, which it generally should be – is that it takes a considerable amount of time to start seeing tangible results. This means that unless you’re 100% sure that what you’re doing is going to work, you could end up wasting hundreds of hours of your time – and not even know it until a few months later.


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SEO is now an expert field – and just like you’d hire an expert to do your loft conversion, it makes sense to hire an expert to manage your business’ online presence and handle the digital marketing. There are plenty of professionals out there with the expertise, knowledge, and experience to provide guaranteed results, saving you endless hours and all the guesswork.

One such company is NYC-based MAXPlaces – which has been around for quite some time and prides itself in providing all-round SEO and online branding solutions. With an integrated, multi-layered approach, the company can do much more than simply optimize your website for search engines.

One service that goes a step further than basic website SEO is search engine marketing – managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Google-certified campaign management agencies such as MAXPlaces can promote your optimized website through ads displayed at the top of the list of search results to a targeted query. Although the internet has a curious tendency to make everything look easy, don’t be fooled – search engine marketing takes the same amount of expertise and careful planning as an old-fashioned marketing campaign.

Another interesting service – and something that even a person with decent experience in SEO may not be able to achieve alone – is reputation management. This works both as a preventative measure and a solution to an existing reputation problem. The former involves promoting your brand in a positive way and preventing potentially negative coverage from dominating search results. The latter is needed when your brand receives negative coverage or reviews – after all, unfortunately it’s not uncommon for competitors to play dirty and attempt to undermine your online reputation. Expert companies can help you get your branding back on track and tip the scales towards positive representation. Brian Winum, the digital marketing director at MAXPlaces says that “majority of people who do their own SEO, or even a large segment of SEO agencies, often follow the same footsteps of their competitors by trying to repeat their strategies. But it isn’t 2010 anymore and this way of doing things is no longer effective with Google or other leading search engines. You have to have a tailored approach for each individual website and focus on a wide range of solutions, especially when it comes to branding and online reputation, as Google search results are becoming more user-based than ever before”.

It’s important not to view taking advantage of expert online branding services as some form of cheating. It’d be nice if online reputation and Google search rankings were something that happened naturally – but that’s simply not the case. Every forward-thinking business is actively and carefully building their online presence and brand management. It’s a marketing space like every other – paying someone to build links to your website and increase its popularity with search engines is no different from paying to have your business advertised in the newspaper. If you want to get ahead of the curve (and the competition!), expert SEO services are a worthy investment and one that can help your company stand out from the online crowd.

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